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by David Turell @, Thursday, June 23, 2022, 16:19 (6 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Responding to current conditions is species adaptation, not speciation! That is all species can do and that is not silly. Only a designing mind can create the known gaps.

dhw: Current conditions may offer opportunities that earlier conditions did not offer. One theory is that the innovations which led to new species in the Cambrian may have been triggered by an increase in oxygen. Why is that sillier than a 3.8-billion-year-old book of instructions for all speciation, or your God constantly performing operation after operation on groups of organisms to change their structures before there is any need to do so?

DAVID: How does that explain the sudden appearance of much more complex Cambrians? More oxygen created all those complex organ systems, motility, and eyes? Really???

dhw: I sometimes wonder if you actually read what I write. Changing conditions may offer new opportunities. For example, an increase in oxygen may allow for new forms of life, and so the novelties may have been “triggered” by it. Your theory presumably would be that your God had increased the amount of oxygen as this was needed for him to design new life forms (which eventually led to us humans). Instead of God creating and using the new conditions, I am proposing that intelligent cell communities (perhaps designed by your God) used them to invent the novelties you attribute to your God. Same process, so why is my version sillier than your 3.8-billion-year-old book of instructions, or your God's endless operations in anticipation of events that have not yet happened??

I know all your strange theories. And my usual response is cells can't plan for changes such as the Cambrians. Oxygen allows for change but doesn't drive them. We are arguing the identity of the agency of change.

How did sex pop up?

DAVID: As in the old neuropeptides now used in new brains.

dhw: Precisely: evolution works by finding new uses for existing materials.

DAVID: So accept my theory of common descent. New forms come from newly existing biochemistry, allowing gaps in forms.

dhw: It’s still not clear (deliberately?) what you mean by “newly existing biochemistry”. The chromatin already existed and was put to new uses. If by “gaps in forms” you mean species without precursors, why don’t you say so? That is the very opposite of common descent. If you mean gaps in the fossil record, that has been covered elsewhere.

Newly developed biochemistery allows for gaps in forms is my theory of evolution.


DAVID: If you take a survey of believers, most will be with me.

dhw: I suspect that most haven’t even thought about the subject. But your prediction still doesn’t make your combined theories of evolution anything other than senseless for all of us humans, since according to you they "make sense only to God".

DAVID: The bold is exactly how to believe in God. Accept what He does for His own reasons! No one can understand everything about God's thoughts. No human can think at His level.

dhw: According to you, then, we must simply accept that life is here, and God created it. Theories as to why and how are taboo. So why on earth have you cobbled together theories which entail imposing one purpose on him (as if you know his reasons), and imposing a method on him which makes no sense to you? Your exclusive knowledge of “how to believe in God” makes a mockery of your own theories and of all our discussions.

Theories are not taboo, but your doubting approach at your human level of logic raises all sorts of possible interpretations based on your humanized form of God, which is your personal view of him. I don't recognize your form of God as compared to mine.

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