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by David Turell @, Saturday, January 01, 2022, 16:03 (221 days ago) @ dhw


DAVID: You think I dodge because you won't think though my logic using my belief in a God you do not accept, but invent your very weak, humanizing form of God, in my opinion.

dhw: Forget my strong form of God (see “cellular intelligence”) and focus on your “logic”: please give us one logical reason why an all-powerful God with one purpose (to design sapiens plus food) would specially design countless extinct life forms that had no connection with humans plus our food.

As in other threads, an all-powerful God has the right to chose His method of creation to fit His purposes. As you question God's existence, you question His right to choose. In religious circles your weak God would not be recognized, using Adler as a example.

dhw: Yes, humans have their own branch. All branches require food. How does that come to mean that all branches were part of the goal to evolve humans plus their food???

DAVID: Same illogical distortion. God chose His method of cresting us.

dhw: What “illogical distortion”? God, if he exists, chose his method of creating ALL life! Once again: Why would he have chosen to create ALL the forms of life that had no connection with sapiens plus food if he only wanted to create sapiens plus food?

God has the right to evolve us which He did. By His chosen method, a stepwise evolution.

dhw; […] Perhaps I should add, just in case some readers might get the wrong impression, that over the years and despite the fierceness of some of our discussions, David and I have become good friends away from the forum! Eight years ago, when my wife died, he and his wife came over from the States to England to attend her funeral. It was an unforgettable meeting, and we have remained in close contact ever since.

DAVID: Absolutely, but with the holidays I'll necessarily be more quiet. I treasure our friendship very much.

dhw: I must confess, the “break” is welcome! Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you and Susan, and the same to whoever else might be following these discussions.

And Susan and I offer our best New Year's to your lovely family, whom we have personally known for now many years. The twins are enormous!!! And we pray for Chris.

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