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by David Turell @, Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 15:42 (225 days ago) @ dhw


DAVID: Their theory is God designed all of evolution. That is my theory!!

dhw: But it is also your theory that his purpose for designing all forms, including all those that had no connection with humans, was to design humans and their food. THAT is what they do not discuss, and THAT is the part of your theory which doesn’t make sense, and you know it […]

I'm sure they are with Adler. All logical to me, so I do not know what you know about my logic.

dhw: You try to erase 3.8 billion years of your God individually designing countless forms of life that had no connection with humans plus food although you insist that designing humans plus food was his only purpose or “goal”!

Time not erased if I contend God designed life and its evolution. Your rejection confuses you.

DAVID: And therefore deny the need for a designing mind.

I don’t deny anything! I accept the logic of both arguments, but since both arguments create an insoluble mystery, I find it impossible to make a decision.

Importance of ecosystems

DAVID: But you have had my answer for God's purpose: the bush must exist as a huge food supply for all.

dhw: Which bush? You agree that past bushes were necessary for past life forms and present for present life forms. Most past life forms had no connection with humans and their food, and so it makes no sense to claim that ALL of them were “part of the goal of evolving humansand our food bush!

Evolutionary steps are all connected in time. You slice and dice it illogically.

dhw: If your God exists and only has one purpose – humans and their food – then he has tunnel vision. I challenge YOUR tunnel-visioned view of God, because according to you he also designed countless life forms etc. that had no connection with humans. The concept of a God who created life and then allowed it to pursue its own course is known as Deism. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it.

I reject Deism fully. Where does that possibility appear here?

Food as well as oxygen allows a speedy change

DAVID: When you accept God your illogicality dissolves. My basic premise is God designed evolution and once that is accepted all my theories fall into place.

dhw: Please stop kidding yourself. When asked why your God would have specially designed every extinct form that had no connection with humans plus food, although his only purpose was humans plus food, your answer is either to dodge the question or to agree that you have no idea and I should ask God. But if you now think you can explain it, please do so.

Fully explained as you ignore it. All steps in evolution required a bush of food. Evolution is one complex step followed by a more complex step in a continuum from bacteria to humans, all designed by a mind we call God. All clear to believers

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