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by David Turell @, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 16:16 (131 days ago) @ dhw


DAVID: The only point under discussion is does striving for survival cause speciation? Don't twist the point out of shape.

dhw: That is precisely what I mean when I say that the motive for the adaptations and innovations that lead to speciation is the quest to improve chances of survival. I’m surprised that large groups of scientists disagree. Do they argue that the adaptations and innovations do NOT improve chances of survival? If that is the case, what do they say is the purpose of, say, flippers replacing legs?

Survival is required for ecosystems to work and feed all, nothing more.

Pathogens fight hosts

DAVID: Evolution is one continuous process or it isn't. Your choice is not mine as you slice it up into unrelated parts.

dhw: Evolution is not one continuous process from bacteria to humans plus their econiches! It branches out into countless unrelated branches and econiches. That is why it is absurd to argue that the goal of every past branch and every past econiche was to produce humans and their econiches.

Yes, the humans are in one branch, which goes back to bacteria as all branches do

DAVID… We see what He wanted from the beginning of His creations, and think He always was certain of His endpoints.

dhw: Why plural “endpoints” when you insist that he only had one?

DAVID: More than one: all the branches of the bush are food for all, without which no life could exist.

Food for all what?....I complain about your theory that every extinct life form was part of your God’s goal to produce humans and their food. (I'm hoping these repetitions will help you to remember what it is I complain about!;-))

I remember the illogic of humans without food.

DAVID: My theory is illogical only to you, so I view it as your problem.

dhw: If you can’t explain it, how can you claim that it is logical?

DAVID: Explain what I haven't already explained?

dhw: A couple of days ago you wrote: “I have never tried to explain why God evolves all His creations. It is his choice for His reasons, unknown to us.” Can you or can’t you explain why God evolves [= specially designs] ALL his creations, even though the ONLY creations he wants to evolve are us and our food?

That I cannot know God's reasons for using evolution is explanation enough. The others are our food. Back to illogical humans without food.

DAVID: My cohort of IDer's are with me. I have an army of folks.

dhw: Then do please tell me why they think your God evolved (= individually designed) ALL the life forms etc which had no connection with humans and their food, although his only purpose was to evolve humans and their food.

Your illogical complaint never enters their minds. They think just like Adler.

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