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by dhw, Friday, December 31, 2021, 14:04 (20 days ago) @ David Turell


DAVID: My theory comes from their beliefs!!!

dhw: Your theory is an extension of their belief that God designed all life forms (ID-ers) and sapiens proves God's existence (Adler), and it is the extension (God’s only purpose was to design humans plus food) that makes no sense, because it raises the unanswerable question: if his only purpose was sapiens plus food, why did he design all the extinct life forms etc. that had no connection with sapiens plus food?

DAVID: From part one: DAVID: Life evolved over 3.8 billion years, and pre-human to human over 4.5 to five million years. It was obviously God's choice to take all that time. We humans have the time problem you raise, God doesn't being timelessly eternal.

Time is irrelevant! It is the disconnection between your interpretation of God’s actions (designing every single life form, including all those that have no connection with humans) and of his purpose (in order to design humans plus their food) that is the problem you continue to dodge.

dhw: Evolution is not discontinuous if we believe in common descent. Only you advocate discontinuity when you tell us your God created species without predecessors. But the continuity lies in the descent of ALL life forms from bacteria, including all those unconnected with humans.

DAVID: I have bolded the last sentence which is my view also. Humans have their own branch, but all branches are required as food to support life […]

Yes, humans have their own branch. All branches require food. How does that come to mean that all branches were part of the goal to evolve humans plus their food???

dhw: […] I’d be reluctant to close the site down so long as you are prepared to go on providing us with so much educational material, for which I myself am always extremely grateful.

DAVID: I appreciate your response and kind words. If you look at some of the purely science articles, we have had thousands of viewers, and our discussions perhaps rub off on them and stimulate them, but not to the point of jumping in as before. I have the time and interest to continue contributing.

And for me, this alone justifies keeping the site going. Perhaps I should add, just in case some readers might get the wrong impression, that over the years and despite the fierceness of some of our discussions, David and I have become good friends away from the forum! Eight years ago, when my wife died, he and his wife came over from the States to England to attend her funeral. It was an unforgettable meeting, and we have remained in close contact ever since.

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