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by David Turell @, Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 15:41 (37 days ago) @ dhw


dhw: It is you who claim that your theory is pure logic – even though you can’t understand it yourself! As before, why do think a laissez-faire God or an experimental scientist God is more “severely humanized” than a control freak who keeps digressing from his one and only purpose, and who is forced by circumstances beyond his control to create a system containing errors which he tries but often fails to correct?

Calling a purposeful God a 'control-freak' is a purposeful distortion, something you do all the time. It is shown in your final 'forced by circumstances' comment. The fact is God created life with the only system that works, warts and all, and edited for warts because He knew exactly what He was doing.

DAVID: You don't realize how differently we approach thinking about God. I'll repeat, I fully accept history as telling us what God's choices of creation were.

dhw: I also accept that if God exists, history tells us his choice, which is the vast bush of life forms that we know exists and existed. The difference between us lies in our interpretation of how and why he produced the vast bush.

Your interpretation is not mine.

DAVID: Creating the underlying basic living process came first, then the design of new forms, some as in the Cambrian completely new. Other partial new design as adaptations of old ones. All God's choice at the time.

dhw: Alternatively, he created the mechanism whereby these forms were able to design themselves.

Back we go to a weak, humanized God who hands off a major part of His job.

DAVID: You look for a humanly consistent God which is not logical. God can do what he wants when He wants not following human reason for His reasons only. Why should He be at all like any human you know?

dhw: And off you go again, leaving out the fact that according to you all these designs served only one purpose, which was to design H. sapiens and his food. Yes, I look for logic in your God’s actions. You yourself, in your more enlightened moments, have agreed that we mimic him, and that he probably has thought patterns, emotions and logic like ours. And I find it totally logical that if God exists as first cause, whatever he creates will reflect some aspect of himself, since it never existed until he thought of it. Do you really think your God has no idea what it means to love, hate, enjoy, be bored, be sad, be happy? Are we that much more advanced than he is? If he exists.

Same problem: God is so advanced you completely misunderstand the concept of God. He knows all we know and so much more. It doesn't take 'enlightenment' to know we mimic Him slightly. Your imagined humanized God I see as Him mimicking us!

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