David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, November 20, 2020, 18:53 (249 days ago) @ dhw
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DAVID: Because, as history tells us, He started with bacteria and chose to design each stage until we arrived under His designs.

dhw: Each “stage” of what? Another dodge! According to you he chose to design every single life form etc. and 99% of them had no direct connection to humans. They were not “stages” to H. sapiens, and they could not have been “part of the goal of evolving [= directly designing] humans.

Your usual illogical answer to me. I start with the firm belief God exists and creates reality, and therefore evolved humans from bacteria. Your opinion/ question in my view is that God did it wrong. In other words why didn't He directly create us if He is so powerful? Ask Him. I don't know His exact thoughts leading to that decision, and for some reason He is not informing me..

dhw: Since your God either preprogrammed or dabbled every single life form and every single stage of evolution, why did he preprogramme/dabble all these different homos if he only wanted one? […]

DAVID: I don't know why He used a bush of hominin/homos to reach a final goal of sapiens. I simply follow the rule that God creates history, so it tells us what He did.

dhw: And this is the nub of our dispute! You don’t know why he directly designed a bush of hominin/homos, and you don’t know why he directly designed bush after bush of life forms with no connection to humans, but you insist that all the non-humans and all the non-sapiens were part of the goal of designing sapiens.

If God is in charge, why not??

Under “Human evolution”:
DAVID: This discussion of the earliest possible proto-hominins rules out the theory that tress disappeared and early forms had to learn to walk. These forms were prepared to do both at will. My point is I believe God designed them this way as a transitional form, not a change forced by natural changes to the environment as trees disappeared. Lucy was built the same way million of years later.

dhw: And you repeat the point in your second post.
It never seems to occur to you that there are different environments in different places. Do you really think that tree-dwellers never explored the ground? If some remained primarily tree-dwellers, they would not have developed the same degree of bipedalism as those that were forced by a changing environment to leave the trees permanently. This is obvious from the following quote: "Questions remain about whether Ardi had the build for regular upright walking — a clear marker of hominid status — or for primarily moving through trees, with occasional two-legged jaunts on the ground.” And you still “don’t know why he used a bush of hominin/homos to reach a final goal of sapiens.” It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Makes perfect sense to me under my approach that God prepares forms in advance of needs. These are transitional forms in advance of change. I would remind you of the 20 million-year- old monkey in my Atheist Delusion book with spinal vertebrae changes anticipating upright posture.

DAVID (under “Theodicy”): God chose to design evolution as a method of creating humans, as history tells us.

dhw: Usual omission of the fact that if God exists he chose to design evolution as a method of creating every species that ever lived, and history does not tell us that every single one of them was “part of the goal of evolving [directly designing] humans.”

The usual distortion. I maintain God exists and creates the history we know. In my view you are simply arguing with what He decided to do.

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