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by David Turell @, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 21:42 (362 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I don't dodge. I find your complaint about 99% gone as simply not recognizing history as God produced it. It implies I should favor Genesis and six days of creation. I don't.

dhw: Who said anything about Genesis and six days of creation? You know perfectly well that all my alternative theistic explanations of evolution have nothing to do with Genesis. Stop dodging. My complaint is not about 99% gone but about the utter illogicality of an all-powerful God with one purpose devoting himself to directly designing anything but the life form which was his one purpose. Stop dodging.

I have always considered your objection as totally irrational under the consideration God is in change of creating reality for us and therefore history tells us what He did. We are discussing MY God, not some version of what you think is on God's mind. God chose to evolve us, and I don't know why He chose that course of action, and it doesn't matter to me..

dhw: …. you continually gloss over the illogicality of your theory. If his only purpose was H. sapiens plus food supply, why did he directly design all the non-human stages of complexity and their food supplies? Why not a direct line from bacteria through to humans instead of the vast bush?

Same irrational concept of my God.

dhw: But this is all YOUR reasoning: you say he had only one purpose, and in order to achieve that one purpose, he deliberately devoted his attention to designing life forms that had nothing to do with his purpose. This is not logical. I offer you alternative, theistic explanations of life’s history which you agree are logical but which you dismiss as “humanizing” while agreeing that your God probably has human attributes. Again illogical.

DAVID: Not logical to you. Perfectly logical to believers.

dhw: It is your series of illogical thoughts that lead you to complain about my well thought out theories. [/i] ;-)

dhw: I wonder how many believers believe that your God could but couldn’t control the errors in his system,

The bold is your problem. Let's concentrate on it. God knew those errors could happen because the system runs on molecules reacting, folding, etc. in order to provide proper functions at just the right time in a split-second production system. The molecules ARE FREE TO MAKE MISTAKES. A fact of life for God and us. That is why the editing system for DNA are in place and had to be from the beginning of any and all species. Precise reproduction is required for survival.

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