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by David Turell @, Sunday, August 09, 2020, 18:57 (355 days ago) @ dhw

Preceding eliminated as same old repetition between us.

dhw: I’m transferring the brain cells and plant immunity posts to this thread, as the subject is relevant both to your mixed-up views on evolution by direct design and by selected random mutations, and also to my theistic alternatives to your illogical theories.

QUOTES: “Brain cells talk to one another. This synchronized cell-to-cell crosstalk regulates neuroinflammation and the immune system…”

A key factor is how neurons communicate among themselves. These novel molecules participate in delivering messages to the overall synaptic organization to ensure the accurate flow of information through neuronal circuits.

dhw: I regard these findings as support for the theory that cooperation between intelligent cells/cell communities is the key not only to brain expansion but also to the whole process of evolution. And to answer your usual question, their specific form of intelligence may have been designed by your God.

DAVID: And as usual I think God gave the cells all the instructions they needed to respond intelligently, with the appearance they are innately intelligent.

dhw: The only “instructions” you have ever come up with are in the form of a 3.8-billion-year-old computer programme for every possible cellular development in life’s history, or your God personally dabbling with the relevant cells. Which of these alternative methods do you think your God uses to direct the communication between the cells, or is it possible that he gave them the MEANS to communicate intelligently?

Cells communicate in an intelligent fashion using God's instructions implanted in them

QUOTE: Plants recognize beneficial microbes and keep harmful ones out….

dhw: These plants appear to do exactly what - in your new, Darwinian "error theory" - you think your God does, and what Darwin thinks natural selection does: “mistakes” (mutations) arrive by chance, and your God or Nature selects the beneficial ones (your new theory); and here we have microbes arriving by chance and plants selecting the beneficial ones. I propose that this is a sign of plant (cellular) intelligence. And as your God is the maker of all things, he would have deliberately created their intelligence, just as he would have deliberately created the whole system that provides both beneficial and harmful “mutations” throughout the ever changing history of life on Earth. Intelligent design? Yes, if God exists he would have designed the intelligence which in turn would have designed organismal responses to randomly changing conditions and events.

DAVID: For me God exists and codes instructions for organisms to follow.

dhw: How do you think your God “coded” instructions for these plants to choose some microbes and reject others? Were the “coded” instructions passed on from 3.8 billion years ago, or did he step in to give the plants tuition in microbe selection? Or, to tie in with your new theory of evolution, did the microbes arrive by chance, and he himself allowed some to stay and removed the others?

The bolded is my exact thought process except the 'intelligence' are intelligent instructions for the cells to have proper responses.

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