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by David Turell @, Thursday, August 13, 2020, 15:55 (441 days ago) @ dhw

There is no point in trying to correct the mishmash of your translation of my theory of how God deals with evolution and His knowledge that functioning molecules make mistakes. First, God is in charge of running evolution. Therefor He has total control of the final output at each advancing stage of evolutionary complexity. He codes the genome to his satisfaction. However, the living species can develop DNA copy errors and start to mutate into a direction God likes, because it fits His planned advances in complexity. He allows that to continue. However a bad mutation in God's view will be edited out, and disappear. He has total control of each stage output entering into the next advanced stage.

Note I am separating the discussion into two distinct time periods. Mistakes during evolution are totally under God control. However during the time period of simply living as an evolved species, we know from our own experience, mistakes happen. The dinosaur cancer dhw worries about is no issue for God to act. It was the result of copy error. The dinosaur dies, but its death has no relationship to advancing evolution. God doesn't care or even take notice. This fits our current reality. We are in charge of all health corrections, if possible.

I follow Adler in accepting humans are God's final goal. History tells us God, who is in charge of creating all of reality, evolved us from bacteria. That simple logic escapes dhw, a problem for him I've never understood. My view of God is He knows exactly what He is doing. He has a specific goal, and He proceeded knowing fully what to expect from molecular errors.

I've known about the molecular errors problem long before I joined this website in discussion. When I started this discussion a few days ago, I knew it would upset things and said so. In my view, God does not experiment, He doesn't change his mind in midstream, He is not interested in spectacle. dhw's God and mine cannot even be reconciled in any way. dhw's God is a humanized version of what I think about God. A God who can create the complex universe, evolve it, create the Milky Way, evolve it, create the Earth as the ideal planet for life, evolve it, create life, and evolve it, is a teleologically driven God. Not dhw 's mamby-pamby god.

This is all quite clear to me as totally logical, based on the God I imagine. I don't care to respond to my quotes taken out of context, when I'm not sure which time period is under discussion: evolutionary time, or while living time when looking at molecular errors, which we know occurred in both time periods.

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