David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections III (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, September 28, 2020, 20:50 (390 days ago) @ David Turell

The issue of the requirement high speed is never acknowledged by dhw. I've found an example of the requirements:


"In stark contrast, bacteria with all levels of complexity must generate at least 10,000 ATP molecules/second/┬Ám2 within their cell membranes to simply maintain their integrity against the constant thermodynamic forces disrupting their homeostatic stability. A drop in power results in metabolism halting and the cell irreversibly decomposing into an amorphous conglomeration of simpler chemicals. The required energy production rate corresponds to 1 cm2 of a mica sheet driving trillions of energetically unfavorable reactions every second.

"The challenge lies in the fact that any prebiotic chemical system gradually moving away from equilibrium experiences increasingly strong thermodynamic forces pushing it back toward equilibrium.13 In turn, the system would require an increasingly large supply of chemical energy just to counterbalance these forces and even greater amounts to continue its progress toward an autonomous cell.


"Any evolving system of chemical processes would favor those that move the fastest towards lower free energy. In contrast, nearly every metabolic reaction within a cell does not occur spontaneously without supplied energy. If it were otherwise, the cell would be too slow to compete with countless other possible reactions in an ancient marine environment. Even if all life-relevant processes could occur as easily as abiotic processes, the chances that a random set of reactions and molecular structures coalesced into a viable cell is far too small to have ever occurred without high levels of orchestration."

Comment: I have used these quoted sections in a slightly off-kilter way. They are from a debate on the origin of life, but they make the point of the enormous amount of energy living cells require and the speed of turn over and production. Imagine the bacteria described above as an equivalent to each of your trillions of cells operating at all times under your intact skin. A rigid assembly line won't work so the molecules float freely in the cells liquid interior. God's design and errors can happen. God knew the problem and set up His editing systems.

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