David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by dhw, Sunday, October 18, 2020, 13:30 (364 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: I accept the history of evolution, and it simply doesn’t fit in with your theory that your God only wanted to design one species and its food supply. (David’s bold)

DAVID: You keep forgetting we are discussing the fact that a very unusual species arrived at this point, which I think is the end of evolution. The bold is a gross distortion of my presented thinking. Yes, God decided, for some reasons known only to Him, to create humans. In choosing to evolve us from bacteria at the start of life, He knew everything that had to appear as He progressed with evolution. Humans were His goal, so it must be accepted God wanted to create all of the process of evolution and the final vast bush of life. That is a vastly different concept than your distorted bold above.

This is sheer muddle. Yes, humans are a special species. Your God’s purpose in creating humans is a different subject from the history of evolution, and you keep forgetting that evolution did NOT progress solely towards the creation of humans. By your own admission, 3.X billion years’ worth of life forms and econiches had no connection whatsoever with humans, “each step was self-sufficient” and “extinct life plays no role in current time”. If humans were his goal, how can you say that I am distorting your theory when I say that he only wanted to design one species and its food supply? I agree that if God exists he wanted to create ALL of the process of evolution, and that includes ALL of the species that had nothing whatsoever to do with humans. He created or gave free rein to millions of “bushes of life”, not just ours, and they were all self-sufficient.

Under "Extinction of earlier forms":
dhw: I can't help wondering why your God would have designed all of these homos in the first place, if he only wanted to design H. sapiens. And did he deliberately change the environment in order to get rid of them? […]

DAVID: The Neanderthals supplied certain immunity to is. Denisovans gave high altitude genes. Perhaps we haven't discovered as yet other contributions from other forms.

dhw: Yes, you have your God directly designing all kinds of hominins and homos to give us all the changes between apes and humans. Brains and pelvises, bipedalling legs, flexible hands, high altitude genes, “certain immunity”. A little bit here, a little bit there...each one preprogrammed 3.8 billion years ago, or the result of yet another operation on a particular group until he finally gets the only homo he wants. Sounds like experimentation to me, or perhaps just a natural progression (using a perhaps God-given mechanism for adaptation and speciation) as changing conditions trigger the need for changing structures.

DAVID: As usual you are proposing a God in partial control of the process. It all depends upon how one thinks about God's personality.

Only partly. It also depends on how you fit your idea of God’s intentions to the actual history of evolution and on what you personally consider to be a reasonable explanation of that history. We have covered the pre-human history in the first part of this post. The second part concerns the history of human evolution, and I find your itsy-bitsy preprogramming or dabbling hard to reconcile with your concept of an all-powerful God who is in total control and only has one goal: H. sapiens.

Under “Extinctions”:
QUOTES: "The Permian-Triassic mass extinction killed as much as 95 per cent of life, and the very few survivors faced a turbulent world, repeatedly hit by global warming and ocean acidification crises. Two main groups of tetrapods survived, the synapsids and archosaurs, including ancestors of mammals and birds respectively.

"But a strong hint for this sudden origin of warm-bloodedness in both synapsids and archosaurs at exactly the time of the Permian-Triassic mass extinction was found in 2009. Tai Kubo[…] and Professor Benton identified that all medium-sized and large tetrapods switched from sprawling to erect posture right at the Permian-Triassic boundary.

DAVID: Seems quite clear. Of course, we can wonder how God handled this. Did He set up the extinction, or did it happen naturally and He used it to advance evolution? Either or! Note the relationship to the discussion about the size of the food-supplying living bush and the need for calories caused by becoming warm-blooded.

Noted. This doesn’t explain why your God specially designed millions of extinct food-supplying bushes for millions of extinct cold-blooded and warm-blooded life forms before specially designing the only food-supplying bush and warm-blooded life forms he wanted to design. As for your question about extinctions, if he didn’t set them up, then he was relying on pure chance to shape the course of evolution – i.e. he was RESPONDING to environmental change and not directing it. But random environmental changes would fit in very nicely with the theory that he set up a free-for-all system, in which organisms respond to environmental change without his intervention. However, if he exists, I wouldn’t rule out deliberately dabbled extinction if he got fed up with one bunch of organisms!

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