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by David Turell @, Friday, August 07, 2020, 18:18 (435 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Living biochemistry tells us that the current biological system is riddled with “errors”, because so many things can go wrong. We know that SOME of these errors can sometimes be corrected by the cells themselves, and sometimes by human intervention. You have told us that God has played no part in the process since sapiens became established. In the course of evolution, you tell us that your God had no control over the mistakes, but let some through and destroyed the others.

1) So how do you know about the ones he destroyed? You claim that God designed the errors leading to old age and death by old age, but those that afflicted the young were random and out of his control. Such errors still exist, so what sort of errors do you think he removed?
2) How could he have destroyed/corrected/removed them if he could not stop or control them?
3) I don’t really know how you can tell the difference between God allowing a mutational error to arrange for our human evolution and natural selection doing the same. Nor could you when you wrote that “a mutational error favoured by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution”.
4) And finally, if God “allowed” beneficial mutations, he did not design them. Therefore evolution has proceeded through the survival of random but beneficial mutations and not through direct design. That makes you a Darwinist.

Note the bold in your first paragraph.It is absolutely false in my theory. Without picking apart your error filled prose I again tell you what I think about God during evolution.I am using what we know about current errors applied to how God handled DNA during evolution 1) God recognizes, as we do, molecules make errors, as shown by the corrective systems in place. 2) if God can destroy DNA molecular errors He doesn't want and keep others that help His purposes, He is in full control, after the fact of error. 3) this is not Darwinism chance mutations arriving under no control. God is completely controlling what goes forward in evolution, no matter how it appeared. Can't you see God doesn't need to design what He likes even if it a chance arrival? 4) as a result I see God designing 99.99% of all evolutionary DNA. If God codes DNA He can keep or destroy whatever He wants to do.

I wiped put the rest of your discussion as a repetitive error filled understanding of my view of God handling evolutionary DNA all based on today's facts. But the fact still remains protein molecules, even under strict orders, make mistakes. And you know that. What happens next is what is important to think about. I told you what I propose is how God reacts.

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