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by dhw, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 10:48 (400 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: If the errors are minimal, and you don’t want to discuss them, I wonder why you brought up the subject in the first place.

DAVID: I purposely brought it up which reveals only your dour view. I think it is the best system God could have designed. Your bolded sentence (I'm surprised that during a worldwide pandemic and at a time when cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, motor neurone disease etc. are rife, the problem of disease is described as "extremely minimal".) Sounds like medical school pathology students thinking, with all the illnesses and conditions will I live a long life? I was one of those students with that thought and I have lived a very long time. The danger is actually minimal for the vast majority of us. Except in your clouded pessimistic view and interpretation.

dhw: So you started this thread in order to tell us that errors don’t matter and we should only consider the successes. We should forget about evolutionary errors because your stream of consciousness made a mess of those. I am gloomy and bleak because I’m not satisfied with your refusal to go on discussing the errors your God can’t control. And I’m biased because I offer a theory which is different from yours. As regards disease-causing errors, anyone suffering from any of the above diseases should bear in mind that they are in a vast minority, and their view of their condition is clouded and pessimistic because you and the vast majority of people have lived for a very long time, you are extremely pleased, and although God was aware of the disease-causing errors in the system he had designed, the errors weren’t his fault, he’d done the best he could to correct them, and he'd left it to humans to correct those he couldn't correct, but apart from that he is still all-powerful.

DAVID: The same old dour view. And you've expressed how amazed you are at God's works in the past.

The same old refusal to discuss the problem, to recognize the importance of the errors your God was apparently incapable of correcting, to consider any alternative to your interpretation, to regard any opposition to your own fixed belief as “bias”, and to pretend that someone who shares your wonderment at all the miracles of life is “dour” and “bleak” and “clouded” and “pessimistic” because he wants to discuss the subject which you raised (evolutionary and disease-causing errors) and which you made a complete hash of. Fortunately, I know you well enough to believe that you would never have told your young patients that their fatal disease was of “minimal” importance, and they should be grateful for the fact that you have lived to a ripe old age. :-)

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