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by dhw, Thursday, August 27, 2020, 14:16 (334 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Once again, you cannot find a reason why your God should have combined the different parts of your theory (bearing in mind that by “evolved” you mean specially designed,), and so you dodge its illogicality. “Finding his way” is only one of three theories I have offered above, all of which you have agreed provide a logical explanation of life’s history. I don’t expect you to accept any of these three – I only offer them to show you that there are logical alternatives to your own illogical theory.

DAVID: Your problem is I don't try to identify a reason for God choosing to want us to evolve. There is no logical reason to do that, as it is all guess work, except Adler's cogent argument using our specialness, which still only implies God's definite purpose, not reasons. My theory definitely holds all its part together with the simple statement 'God chose to evolve us'.

By “evolve” you mean specially design, because you always emphasize that every species and every human advance had to be preprogrammed or directly dabbled. Our specialness is not the issue. The issue, for the umpteenth time, is why an all-powerful, all-controlling God who directly designs all species, and whose ONLY purpose is to design us (and our food supply), would directly design millions of now extinct non-human life forms, econiches, lifestyles, strategies, natural wonders etc. that have nothing to do with humans. You know this is the issue, you have no answer to the question, and so you continue to dodge it.

DAVID: I never brush the huge bush aside. I've explained it is obviously required, both as as side effect of evolution branching in many directions and also for food supply for all.

dhw: Of course evolution branched in many directions to produce the huge bush. That is what makes nonsense of the claim that your God specially designed every twig as “part of the goal of evolving humans”! Specially designing food supply for all the millions of non-human organisms also makes no sense if he only wanted to design humans and their food supply – “a method He chose for his own reasons” which you cannot fathom.

DAVID: Same statement of your confusion about my logical thoughts. My God created evolution, in a manor clearly stated many times in the past by designing all species. Thus it appears like the evolution Darwin thought naturally evolved.

This belief would not be problem in itself. It only becomes a problem when you combine it with the other beliefs I have listed above in bold. Stop dodging!


DAVID: Every part of the giant bush of life can be shown to have a purpose, from a purposeful God, whom you do not understand the way I do.

dhw: …of course every part of the giant bush of life can be shown to have a purpose, but that does not mean that the purpose was to evolve humans! You keep coming up with general truths and glossing over the fact that it is the COMBINATION of your beliefs bolded above that leaves you with “no idea” why your God chose to “evolve” (= specially design) H. sapiens by first “evolving (= specially designing) all the other branches of the giant bush.

DAVID: Adler makes it quite clear, our unnecessary specialness strongly argues for God's purpose. And please stop trying. It is all guesswork. The purpose is obvious to lots of us.

All multicellular organisms are “unnecessary”, since bacteria are so successful. “The purpose” as you define it may be obvious to you and Adler and many others, but to many others it is not obvious. What does that prove? All theories concerning the origin of life and the existence, nature, purpose and methods of your God, are guesswork. Do you want all discussion to end just because we cannot know the truth?

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