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by David Turell @, Friday, August 14, 2020, 18:12 (428 days ago) @ dhw

Before starting in bits and pieces rather than statements, let my note that my thinking and analysis of what God might do is under constant change, and the past quotes of mine you take from my stream of consciousness replies and gleefully present as my set-in-stone opinion are not ever permanent theory. Frankly, I'd never fully delved into the issue of molecular mistakes and God's handling of them in any thoughtful detail. What I wrote yesterday is exactly where I am at this point.

DAVID: Therefore He has total control of the final output at each advancing stage of evolutionary complexity. He codes the genome to his satisfaction. However, the living species can develop DNA copy errors and start to mutate into a direction God likes, because it fits His planned advances in complexity. He allows that to continue. However a bad mutation in God's view will be edited out, and disappear. He has total control of each stage output entering into the next advanced stage.

dhw: Please explain how God “allowing” random mutations to change the course of evolution is consistent with God directly designing all life forms, including us.

I am amazed at your statement. God is the final editor of what genomes pass on to each new level of evolution. What is wrong with a random chance mutation, if it fits God's plan to be allowed to pass through??? Chance can play a role!!!

DAVID: Note I am separating the discussion into two distinct time periods. Mistakes during evolution are totally under God control. However during the time period of simply living as an evolved species, we know from our own experience, mistakes happen. The dinosaur cancer dhw worries about is no issue for God to act. It was the result of copy error. The dinosaur dies, but its death has no relationship to advancing evolution. God doesn't care or even take notice. This fits our current reality. We are in charge of all health corrections, if possible.

dhw: Since all these errors take place in the same mechanism, I don’t understand how your God could have total control over the evolutionary “errors” and yet only have limited control over the disease-makers.

I've eliminated your misuse of my old quotes. I've explained the above clearly, but will repeat again. IMHO God seriously edits evolutionary genome changes, but what happens to individual organisms is of no matter to Him, as shown by currently when we are in charge of helping

DAVID: I follow Adler in accepting humans are God's final goal. History tells us God, who is in charge of creating all of reality, evolved us from bacteria. That simple logic escapes dhw, a problem for him I've never understood. My view of God is He knows exactly what He is doing. He has a specific goal, and He proceeded knowing fully what to expect from molecular errors. (dhw’s bold)

dhw: Your attempts to ignore the illogical elements of your original theory are dealt with on the other thread. My God would also know exactly what he was doing, and would have a specific goal or goals. That is why I propose that he might have deliberately designed the system with all its errors, instead of your version, which is that he designed it but the errors were not his fault! What do you mean by he knew fully what to expect (bolded)? He could not stop the random errors from occurring but could only “allow” them to change the course of evolution, so are you saying he knew in advance which errors would be beneficial or harmful? You say you are “the one willing to show that God is not all-powerful and all-knowing and he can’t stop molecular errors in a system he created.” Please tell us, then, what your God did NOT know about the errors.

Doesn't any coding expert know what his coding goal is??? Coding is to produce a specified output. Tony can help here. God fully knew what the accepted errors would produce. If He didn't, He had no capacity to code for future results He wanted.

dhw: The rest of your post reiterates your beliefs about God and your rejection of my alternative interpretations of his nature and possible purposes. It has nothing to do with your “error theory”, but I will transfer the end to the other thread.

I have a different view of God than you do. That won't change.

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