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by David Turell @, Saturday, August 22, 2020, 20:54 (420 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Our discussion began a month ago,.. I’m sorry, but you have not explained your theory with clarity because it is riddled with contradictions.

Your current theory concerning evolution: All stages are designed completely by Him. The three question marks and three exclamation marks in defence of chance have magically evolved into: “There is no reliance on chance” (quoted from a different post), and God is back to being all-powerful and all-knowing. New mutations can theoretically be allowed by God as long as the planned overall course of evolution from bacteria to humans is not changed.

That is the way I have always thought, but recognizing DNA molecules do make mistakes, they have to factored into the initial concept that He pre-programmed at the start of life and also dabbled as He spotted adaptations that might direct evolution going off course. I view God as in charge of all speciation. He has to change an earlier species to the next. Therefore, since species adapt to new problems, God must review those alterations to be sure they are on course to the next planned step. Pre-programming is supported by Behe's work on devolving DNA and by the comparative anatomy of species as they evolve. Certainly there is common descent. To continue the process of progressive evolution, God must review DNA coding at all speciation stages. Therefore dabbling must exist in the form of critical editing, allowing minor variations that fit the planned course and removing bad mutations. Based on Behe's work, most speciation should be God removing code, but it is possible to accept that He may add additional coding to keep everything on course. I still stick to the idea that the God of the Bible may not be so all powerful, that He doesn't have to correct Himself in pre-planned code.

dhw: As far as the disease-causing errors are concerned, we are still left with the claim that he was and is not bothered about them, but he provided backups. You, who complain bitterly when I dare to propose theories entailing one or other of the human attributes you agree he probably has, then comment: “Don't you consider Him a kindly God?” Maybe he is. But how does that fit in with your repeated assertions that he didn’t care or bother about this category of “error”? And how come that he corrected what he could, left it to us to sort out the rest of the mess (he’s apparently washed his hands of it), and yet “in life the backup systems are 99.9999+% accurate”? How does a God who can’t control or even correct all these errors, but doesn’t care, come up with 99.9999+% corrections?

Please remember what I present. We cannot live, life cannot go on, because large parts of our bodies are constantly in reproduction by cell division. We must have those backup editing controls, and obviously God understood it as part of my theory about my God. The bold is your distorted interpretation. He cared about us continuing to live or life would have ended in nothing but endless errors. Not the endpoint He desired. What I said was He didn't care if some mistakes caused death, which is/was required , as you have agreed.

DAVID: In this study errors in mouse DNA were corrected by humans. If we can do it, God could certainly have edited DNA during evolution:

QUOTE: "Inserting genetic material into the body to treat diseases caused by gene mutations can work, scientists say—but getting those materials to the right place safely is tricky.”

dhw: In your latest version, he didn’t need to edit DNA errors during evolution,

The bold is absolutely wrong. He fiercely edited DNA during evolution.

dhw: but my question to you was: if he could control evolutionary errors, why couldn’t he control disease-causing errors? Your comment above should read: if humans can correct disease-causing errors, why couldn’t God?

Evolution is over. Death is required now and during evolution. During evolution God did not stop fatal DNA mistakes (cancer), as shown. We are in charge now using the giant brains God gave us to learn how to do the necessary corrections as far as we can.

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