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by David Turell @, Monday, August 17, 2020, 19:45 (425 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I need to try again. My basic premise is God is in charge of all creation including evolution. His goal is humans appearing. He codes the genome from the beginning of life and dabbles when He has to. He knows that protein living molecules make mistakes. So the genome mechanism has backup copy error editing to stop what it can.

dhw: Which errors are you referring to?

During evolution most DNA mistakes are errors and are removed by dabbling. The few good mutations are obviously allowed and can be viewed either omissions in God's pre-planning, or simply fitting, in a general sense, God's planning to evolve humans in a slightly altered way.

dhw: Until now you have constantly reiterated that all species were directly designed, and nothing was left to chance, and God knew precisely what he was doing from the very beginning. You reject any possibility of his having to experiment (i.e. not knowing everything from the start) but now you have him actually relying on chance to offer him unforeseen ways to help him achieve what you think was his goal.

There is no reliance on chance. Read the above comment. No experimentation. Your bias is showing. During evolution He created backup editing for DNA errors to help control the evolutionary path to humans. Diseases that appeared from DNA errors during living, were not corrected by God, the dino cancer the best example.

DAVID: Adler's finding that most evolution is an automatic removal of DNA code must also be noted and supports my idea of pre-planning. The loss of code could be automatic or dabbles. Since all living organisms have an adaptive ability God must keep watch during evolution that everything is on course.

dhw: I thought this was Behe’s idea.

Brain fart, Behe. My comment still fits.

DAVID: That discussion does not cover errors while living, speciation not involved. That is what we observe now as I consider evolution over. All living organisms are DNA protected by copy error systems. These are very important because our cells are constantly dividing and reinventing us. The copy systems are the same systems present in evolution. During evolution they served duplicate roles, advancing evolution and protecting proper copying. Now the copy systems are still present to protect us from DNA copy diseases. God does not act now. We do the job, as well as we can. During evolution God worried about the course of evolution, not individual DNA diseases (dino cancer). This exposition fits errors into my theory system. (dhw's bold)

dhw: But it does not fit your God’s provision DURING evolution of backups for individual diseases, as above. And we must continue to emphasize that these backup systems are also full of errors, once again demonstrating your God’s lack of control over his copy system. You have quite rightly acknowledged my earlier point that the copy systems are the same. And so you have him able to destroy all the bad errors relating to evolution, but incapable of destroying all the bad errors relating to death and disease. Do you not regard this as odd?I’m sorry, but your theory is still full of contradictions, and you are creating an image of God that renders him less and less in control and more and more incompetent.

Your confusion about living organisms is total. Errors while living are a tiny percentage of DNA reproduction second by second as we live. What you seem to constantly misunderstand is that your body and mine is not the one we were born with and grew up with. Everything with the exception of bone that remodels and the brain that mainly reorganizes is changed!! Death has to occur: God doesn't worry about rare living errors. Your bold is off base.

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