David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, November 07, 2020, 08:07 (348 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: It is not my dodge but your problem of not accepting the idea that God chose to evolve us from bacteria and created all the branches of life to provide food/energy for all in existence at each specific interval of time while evolving us over a long time.

dhw: Your problem is that you can offer no logical connection between your two statements! By evolving you mean directly designing. Once more: bearing in mind that there is no direct connection between the brontosaurus etc. etc. and humans, and there is no direct connection between past food supplies and present food supplies, please explain how EVERY life form in EVERY econiche could have been “part of the goal [= purpose] of evolving [= directly designing] humans”!

DAVID: Your usual denial of my belief (and Adler) that God ran evolution with the ultimate goal of producing humans. My belief in God makes it logical for me.

Your belief that his goal was to directly design humans does not explain why he directly designed millions of life forms that had no connection with humans!

DAVID: I repeat: God ran evolution to produce humans by design of all stages of evolution. We are eons apart.

All “stages” is not the same as all life forms (not to mention all econiches and natural wonders). For those of us who accept “common descent, it is self-evident that human evolution took place in stages, from apes through various hominins and homos to H. sapiens. That does not explain why your God should have directly designed the brontosaurus, or the first amphibian with slingshot tongue, or the weaverbird’s nest or millions of other life forms and natural wonders if his goal was humans! However, we are simply going over the same ground and getting nowhere. Some time ago you admitted that you had “no idea” why your God would have chosen to “evolve” (= directly design) humans in this manner, and perhaps we should simply leave it at that.

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