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by David Turell @, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 18:21 (364 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Direct design of each stage looks exactly like evolution. As for your wish that God directly give the universe humans, He didn't. What is your version? I conclude He decided to evolve. Your problem is that you do not think we are that unusual to be equal to His purpose.

dhw: You promised not to revert to the latter excuse for dodging the issue. I accept that we are "that unusual", and two of my alternatives allow for our being a prime purpose. Yes, design looks like evolution. Yes,if he exists, God must have chosen the method of evolution to achieve his purpose. But, for the thousandth time, if he only wanted to design H. sapiens, why did he first design all the earlier, now extinct life forms (which below you call “the giant bush”)? Sometimes you admit you have no idea, most of the time you dodge the question, but you occasionally offer an extraordinary answer, as below. What is my version? I have offered you several alternatives, all of which you agree are logical, but you reject them all because they endow him with human attributes, which you agree he probably has!

Now back we go to your answer to my bolded question:

DAVID: The huge bush is for future humans who did get there.

dhw: What do you mean by the bush is “for” future humans? What relevance did the extinct bush of non-human life forms etc. have “for” humans?

DAVID: It is obvious the giant bush now supplies energy for the whole bush and a burgeoning population of humans.

dhw: The “whole bush” has comprised millions of life forms, natural wonders etc, 99% of which have disappeared, although according to you, your God specially designed all of them. How do those long gone life forms supply energy for the burgeoning population of humans?

"Long gone"? Do you purposely ignore we are discussing the evolution of humans? Of course 99% are gone. That is how evolution works.

DAVID: God has the proper foresight to see the future results of humans in charge. You don't seem to understand it or Him.

dhw: I don’t understand how millions of long gone life forms and wonders etc. could have been directly designed in order to feed a species that didn’t even exist. That is why you have said you have "no idea", or we shouldn't even try to understand your God's logic, although in the same breath you tell us his logic is probably similar to ours.

My God is sure confusing to you. He evolved us and 99% of species are gone. History!!! You are so confused. The giant bush, now present, feeds all the bush and our huge population, though God's great foresight.

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