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From my view they are really molecular mistakes, and guess what, this article describes a series of corrective measures that are present and designed to correct:

"...scientists found at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. “Sometimes, when something is broken, the first step to fixing it is to break it even more.”

“'We saw that XPG makes a beeline for discontinuous DNA — places where the hydrogen bonds between bases on each strand of the helix have been disrupted — and then it very dramatically bends the strand at that exact location, breaking the interface that connects bases stacked on top of each other,” said Susan Tsutakawa,"...The bending activity adds to an already impressive arsenal, as XPG was first identified as a DNA chopping enzyme, responsible for cutting out nucleotide bases with chemical and UV radiation damage.”

“'An unexpected finding from our imaging data is that the flexible parts of the protein — which were previously impossible to examine – have the ability to recognize perturbations associated with many different types of DNA damage,” said co-author Priscilla Cooper, “XPG then uses its sculpting properties to bend the DNA in order to recruit and load into place the proteins that can fix that type of damage.”

Handling brain cell death: "Cell death is prevalent throughout life; however, the coordinated interactions and roles of phagocytes during corpse removal in the live brain are poorly understood. Astrocytes and microglia engaged with dying neurons in an orchestrated and synchronized fashion. Each glial cell played specialized roles: Astrocyte processes rapidly polarized and engulfed numerous small dendritic apoptotic bodies, while microglia migrated and engulfed the soma and apical dendrites. The relative involvement and phagocytic specialization of each glial cell was plastic and controlled by the receptor tyrosine kinase Mertk… Thus, a precisely orchestrated response and cross-talk between glial cells during corpse removal may be critical for maintaining brain homeostasis.

"In early embryological development mistakes can happen: Scientists at Caltech point out:

"The first few days of embryonic development are a critical point for determining the failure or success of a pregnancy. Because relatively few cells make up the embryo during this period, the health of each cell is vital to the health of the overall embryo. But often, these young cells have chromosomal aneuploidies — meaning, there are too many or too few chromosome copies in the cell. Aneuploid cells lead to the failure of the pregnancy, or cause developmental defects such as Down syndrome later in gestation.

"Fortunately, these young embryos perform their own “quality control” before most genetic abnormalities become established:

"Researchers have found that the prevalence of aneuploidy is drastically lower as the embryo grows and develops. Using mouse embryos, scientists from the laboratory of Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, Caltech’s Bren Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering, now show that this is because embryos are able to rid themselves of abnormal cells just before and soon after implantation into the uterus, thereby keeping the whole embryo healthy….

“'It is remarkable that embryos can do this,” says Zernicka-Goetz. “It reflects their plasticity that gives them the power to self-repair.”

"The scientists found a double-protection mechanism. Not only are aneuploid cells detected and eliminated, but healthy cells are stimulated to proliferate, compensating for the loss of unhealthy cells. "

Comment: Recognizing that these mistakes, errors, and damage can occur in any functional living creature, requires the foresight to create these corrective mechanisms in advance. There are no God errors, only His corrective mechanisms by carefully instructed cells to conduct error correction and repairs.

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