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by dhw, Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 12:03 (443 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: If it is a bad mutation, as most are , He deletes it. If it happens to be beneficial for the advancing evolutionary code He wants, He keeps it. How is that not total control of the final DNA output? As you type a story you may make mistakes and correct them. The final output is obviously fully your work under your total control.

dhw: 1) The errors in the system are/were not confined to those which did or didn't advance evolution! According to the above scenario, the “final DNA output” should have been perfect, since he deleted the bad mutations. But even during pre-sapiens evolution, according to you “He was correcting as much as he could”, and surprise, surprise, the DNA system is STILL making mistakes, some of which are the SAME as in pre-sapiens times (e.g. cancer).

DAVID: You are still time confused. It is quite clear to me under my theory of God in control of evolution, that He accepted good DNA mistakes and voided the bad ones during evolution.

During pre-sapiens evolution, how do you know about the bad ones he voided? And he “was correcting as much as he could” means there were some he could not correct.

DAVID: As the final arbiter over the DNA code, He is really in full control of the final result. The key thought, which you keep confusing is DNA as a molecule can always make mistakes and will during evolution and now in a different time period. In the bold, your 'STILL' to accept my point of view should be changed to 'ALWAYS'.

So the “final result” is a system which always has made and always will make mistakes! And according to you, he could not stop or control these mistakes, and yet he is in full control. And although he designed the system, the mistakes were/are not his fault.

dhw:[…] my mistakes as an author are my fault, but according to you, “if He couldn’t stop the molecular faults, then they are not his fault.” In both cases, if the “final output” is still full of errors – whose fault is it?

DAVID: You are not thinking with clarity. You never presented an error-ridden manuscript to a publisher. You corrected all your errors.

The mistakes are my fault, and uncorrected mistakes in my manuscript (even authors can miss mistakes), are also my fault!

DAVID: In evolution God corrected everything and we appeared. […]

How could he have “corrected everything”, when in your own words there are ALWAYS mistakes? Mistakes were not confined to those concerning evolution! Even dinosaurs died of cancer.

dhw: Here are the two basic sets of contradictions:
1) He directly designed all species (old theory), but he selected the beneficial random mutations that led to speciation (new theory). Which is it?

DAVID: Both!!!!!

I like it! If God exists, he left it to chance (Darwin) - we must forget intelligent cells (Shapiro) - to produce beneficial mutations, but he also preprogrammed or dabbled (directly designed) some mutations. I wonder which ones, since he can't stop or control his directly designed system from producing the errors and only "allowed" the good ones. It's a lovely mishmash of theories, but of course it wrecks your original theory that he started out with the sole purpose of designing H. sapiens, and directly designed millions of now extinct non-human life forms etc. “as part of the goal of evolving (= directly designing) humans” - though even human evolution may have been “arranged” by a non-designed mutational error.

dhw: 2) You have also told us he is all-powerful and you have told he is not all-powerful; he is in total control but he is not in total control.

DAVID: He made all final editorial decisions about evolutionary DNA. Total control!!!

Total control of what? DNA then and now was and is ALWAYS full of mistakes, and in your own words, even during pre-sapiens evolution he “was correcting as much as he could,” and you are “the one willing to show that God is not all-powerful and all knowing and he can’t stop molecular errors in a system he created.”

dhw: I just wish you would reconsider it, since it can only lead to more and more contradictions like your author analogy.

DAVID:The only contradictions are in your head. Your friend, David, has always known about DNA errors, as well as errors by any and all biochemical molecules. It is a fact of the system God created all those molecules are subject to strict instructions and backup systems. But they still make errors. I knew you would be startled when I introduced this subject, but I knew I had to broaden your knowledge. […]

I think most people, including even me, are aware that when something goes wrong with their bodies, something has gone wrong with their bodies. I am only startled by such arguments as God – if he exists – has created a system that always makes mistakes which he can’t control, although he is in total control, and he corrected ALL the errors although he only corrected as many as he could, and he left backup systems which sometimes work and sometimes don’t, although he couldn’t correct those mistakes himself, and he’s like an author correcting his mistakes, except that unlike the author it’s not his fault if there are mistakes to correct, and God is all-powerful and all-knowing except when he is not all-powerful and all-knowing.

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