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by David Turell @, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 15:09 (315 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Purposes ARE reasons!

DAVID: What!!! Each purpose comes from reasoning behind it.

dhw: You keep telling us that his one and only purpose or reason for creating life was to create H. sapiens plus food supply. You refuse to discuss his purpose or reason for wanting to create H. sapiens plus food supply, and you cannot tell us the purpose or reason for his direct design of millions of non-human life forms etc. when you say his only purpose or reason for designing life was to design H. sapiens.

Flogging the same dead horse. We can only guess at the reasons for His choices.

dhw: You have agreed that your God probably has thought patterns and emotions and other attributes similar to our own. How do you know that your God does not enjoy his own creativity, does experiments and/or gets new ideas, and why is this wishy-washy?

I can accept God enjoys His accomplishments. Experimentation and new ideas, purely human.

DAVID: Do you remember old discussions where I said you were asking me to go back to six days of Genesis? God CHOSE to evolve us over time. Perfectly logical conclusion from the history of creation as conducted by God.

dhw: I do remember. But I was not asking you to do that at all. If I remember rightly, it was precisely your insistence on direct design and man’s dominion that made me wonder why you didn’t believe in Genesis.

DAVID: I obviously accept Genesis as Schroeder did: 'yom' means eons!!! We've come full circle. And your objection to my approach to God and evolution is totally illogical.

dhw: Six days is not the issue, and I don't know why you've brought up the subject of Genesis, except as yet another digression. I have accepted the logic of your compromise between creationism and evolution: that common descent is true, and your God did his direct designing by preprogramming or dabbling changes in existing organisms. My objection – must I repeat it yet again? – is the illogical theory that your all-powerful God’s only purpose was to directly design H. sapiens and food supply, but he directly designed 3.X billion years’ worth of now extinct non-sapiens before he even started to directly design the only thing he wanted to directly design. You can’t find a single logical reason why your God would fulfil his purpose in this way, but apparently my objection is “totally illogical”.

Your objection is to my conclusion God chose to evolve (design) us from a start with bacteria. Your dogged persistence has forced me to return to an old piece of evidence. God chooses evolution in all He does: Big Bang evolves into our universe. The Milky Way appears, grows and evolves, to allow an Earth to be in a safe spot. The Earth evolves especially after life appears. Life appears and evolves. God's pattern of creation clearly is by evolution. Doesn't that tell you God chose to evolve us from His habit pattern? And I don't know the reasons for that pattern. I analyze God's actions from the facts we have, and no further.

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