David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, October 19, 2020, 19:22 (369 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: ...you keep forgetting that evolution did NOT progress solely towards the creation of humans.

DAVID: This is your confused view of evolution. Humans are the historical endpoint. I still hold to the view God wished to produce humans by evolving them.

dhw: Humans may be the endpoint, and your God may have wished to produce them by evolving them. That does not mean that evolving means directly design, and you keep ignoring the fact that evolution produced millions of now extinct non-human life forms and econiches which, by your own admission, had nothing whatsoever to do with humans. You are playing the same old trick: you pick on individual aspects of your theory which make sense in isolation, and you ignore the rest. Why would your God directly design the brontosaurus and its econiche (and then wipe 99% of it out) if his one and only goal was to directly design H. sapiens and his food supply? You have said yourself: "extinct life plays no role in current time".

You are simply denying how evolution happened. Remember I designate God as creating evolution as the designer. You think God is so goal-oriented he should not have made all the bush history shows us? The bold is correct. but not in your obvious implied distortion. Extinct life's role was to exist as a step in evolution on the way to current time's organisms. Evolution is a continuum, remember, but you prefer not to.

dhw: And you cannot deny that the same development produced millions of non-human life forms and econiches which had nothing to do with humans, and you keep forgetting that by evolution you mean direct design.

Of course direct design by God, my constant position, and your non-acceptance.

Under "Extinction of earlier forms":

DAVID: You are back to a Biblical God. The proper Hebrew interpretation of Genesis is God took eons to produce us. God has the right to choose His method of creation.

dhw: Three complete non sequiturs! No biblical God involved - I believe we evolved, not that we were directly created. I accept that evolution took billions of years. I accept that your God had the right to choose his method of creation. I do not accept that a God whose only purpose was to directly create H. sapiens would have spent eons directly creating millions of other now extinct non-human life forms and econiches that had nothing to do with humans. You know all this, so why do you continue to bring all these irrelevances into the discussion?

The discussion has just reached the obvious. I accept God, the designer, and you don't.

DAVID: you keep implying God should have used direct creation and then deny you implied it.

dhw: I am not telling God what he should have done! I am telling you that evolution produced millions of extinct non-human life forms which had nothing to do with humans etc. (see above), and your answer has nothing to do with the question of whether your God relied on chance or dabbled the extinctions.

How God ran evolution is all guesswork. All the past is part of the whole process, as a continuum. Cannot be denied. You constantly irrationally compartmentalize evolution into bits and parts. Each state evolves from the direct past forms. What is reached is a result of all past evolution. The endpoint is the goal, as all endpoints happen to be.

Under “Balance of Nature”:

DAVID: All ecosystems are about food supply, and they have existed and been self-organizing since the start of life. That is why we have the huge bush that now supports a human population currently reaching toward eight billion folks. When I was very young There were only two billion!! Growth exponentially. It is easy to see that God knew all this would happen when we took control of the Earth and the bush of life He provided is thus explained.

dhw: Thank you for agreeing that they are self-organizing. How do millions of extinct ecosystems full of extinct life forms explain why we have the huge bush that now supports humans? What role does the brontosaurus play in our human ecosystem? You have already answered, as quoted above: "Extinct life plays no role in current time." You are taking us round in circles.

It is your circle, not mine. It is you who chops up evolution into unrelated parts. The design of existing organisms allows top predators to dominate the ecosystems into top-down organization, all there to provide the necessary food for a huge human population that God anticipated.

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