David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, October 04, 2020, 19:52 (386 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Now you propose God can't foresee the future?

dhw: I have no idea. My theory is based on him deliberately creating an unpredictable world that would be less dull than a Garden of Eden. The problem with your theory is that it makes no sense if a God who only wants to design H. sapiens proceeds to design millions of extinct non-human forms and their food supplies in order to feed humans before they even exist!

DAVID: You totally missed my jibe. Foreseeing the future regarding humans never required God's omniscience. Brilliant humans in charge were going to multiply like rabbits. Anyone could foresee that. Evolution is a continuum and each stage required a sufficient bush for food supply. You always ignore that obvious truism.

dhw: Of course it’s obvious that every organism needs food! How does that come to mean that every extinct organism and its food supply was “part of the goal of evolving humans”?! Yes, evolution is a continuum, and that is what is wrong with your theory! The bush of life diversifies in a continuous process from the original seed (theistic version: designed by God) into millions of branches and twigs, and up to 99% of them literally came to a dead end. Dinosaurs and dodos (etc.) did not lead to humans! The process of diversification from earlier life forms is the continuum. You have your God directly designing all the branches and twigs, and even their “natural wonders” (see below), and you claim that every single one of the 99% that led to nothing was directly designed in order to produce ONE branch. Continuum entails connection. In your theory there is none. You pick on one obvious truth and ignore the other basic premises that make your theory illogical.

Totally wrong take. The diversification is the necessary food supply which you do not deny. In evolution from simple to complex, it must go through many, many advancing-complexity stages. It's your same old complaint not willing to recognize God ran evolution as my basis for all statements. God is the designer. You play with the idea of a designer.

DAVID: […] Extinct life plays no role in current time. The huge bush of life is in present time for our huge population to use now.

dhw: Precisely. If your God only wanted to design H. sapiens, and extinct life plays no role now, […] how can the extinct bush possibly be “part of the goal of evolving humans” if it plays no role in current time?

DAVID: Again your comment lacks understanding the concept of evolution as a continuum.

See above. Your latest natural wonder, “brood parasites”, illustrates the point perfectly:

QUOTE: "Nestlings of these 'brood-parasitic' Vidua finches were found to mimic the appearance, sounds and movements of their grassfinch host's chicks, bright down to the same elaborately colorful patterns on the inside of their mouths. (David’s bold)

DAVID: […] the bolded note about mouth coloring is a design issue and requires God to step in, in my view.

dhw: And in your view, how is this “part of the goal of evolving [or feeding] humans”?

Back to the usual question. Same answer: Part of ecosystems necessary for food supply.

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