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by David Turell @, Thursday, August 13, 2020, 19:01 (352 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I simply accept the history as a factual story of what God did while firmly accepting we were His purpose all along. I don't question any of it. You do.

dhw: I don’t question the history, which consists – as far as we know – of 3.8 billion years’ worth of ever changing life forms, ours being the latest. You do not “firmly accept” that we were his purpose all along. You firmly believe it. You cannot find any logical link between this belief and the higgledy-piggledy history of non-human life, and yet you reject all theories that either do establish a link or that provide different purposes, while still acknowledging the exceptional nature of H. sapiens.

Your theories all describe a God whose personality I do not accept. I believe only in a purposeful God

DAVID: Why startled at your usual distortion? You accept history above and then reject it. Talk about inconsistency!

dhw: Please explain why my bolded statement distorts your theory that “we were his purpose all along”. Where have I rejected history? It is your interpretation of history that I reject!

I have my interpretation of God's history. You have yours. They will never agree as my God has a personality not at all similar to what you imagine God's personality is.


Under “Biological complexity: bacterial controlled clumps”:
QUOTES: “This organism has the distinction of being able to reorganize the structure of its population, allowing it to react to different environmental signals and even eat other bacteria.”

"In response to a hostile environment, such as in instances of nutrient deficiency, this bacterium directs its homogenous population to specialize into three subtypes of cells. These communities thus form 3-dimensional structures, visible to the naked eye. It is thanks to this multicellular lifestyle that they ensure the survival of their community."

DAVID: multicellularity had to start somehow. This is group action. Amoeba also have similar activities. Designed by God?

dhw: Another wonderful example of how individual cells combine into cell communities to design new ways of survival. Cell communities “reorganize” their structure in response to different conditions. You could hardly have a clearer image for the way evolution works – but instead of your implicit proposal that your God preprogrammed each reorganization 3-8 billion years ago or gave these bacteria private lessons, I would propose (theistic version) that he gave them the intelligence to work it out for themselves.

And of course my view is God have them exact instructions so that they act as if innately intelligent.

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