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by David Turell @, Friday, July 31, 2020, 18:09 (447 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: "DNA as a free molecule can make a mutation by error or gamma rays. God chooses to leave it if worthwhile or eliminate them, exactly what I said." Our immune system is what we currently have. It makes mistakes. God is not in the business of fixing them now; it is up to us and our big brain. (dhw's bold)

dhw: According to you he was incapable of solving the problems in the past. I don’t know what sort of business you think he is involved in now, but if you are implying that he could solve them now if he wanted to, then we would have a learning God very different from the all-knowing one you started out with, though fitting in nicely with one who experiments or gets new ideas as he goes along. Meanwhile, you are still stuck with your proposal that we are better at fixing his errors than he is.

Your total confusion about God involves when God acts and when He doesn't. During evolution prior to our appearance He was in total control of evolution and all advancing changes. He allowed beneficial mistakes as stated above, which shows that even at a time of total control molecular mistakes could happen Now we are in charge to handle molecular mistakes, but God is many times more powerful than we are. I have no idea why He is totally letting us handle it.

DAVID: Weird set of comments. My view is that God ran and monitored evolution until sapiens was well established in the current form. The bold is totally wrong in my view. In the past God took total control and managed evolution as He wished.

dhw: How can he have been in total control in the past if he couldn’t control the errors in the system and is not in the business of fixing them in the present?

You are not understanding my position about God as clearly stated during evolution of us and now.

dhw: You won’t tell us his serious purpose for creating humans,

I can guess why, as before, but why bother guessing? I cannot specifically tell you why. All your guesses have been humanizing.

DAVID: No form of any God could control molecular mistakes in free-floating molecules which are supposed to respond properly to specific stimuli. It seems you cannot or refuse to understand a very simple biochemical concept. I teach the best I can.

dhw: You gloss over as many of your contradictions as you can. According to you, we humans can correct some of the errors that your God could not correct, but we’re not smarter than him. And although every life form that ever existed is based on the molecular processes you describe, and although he could not control the errors in the process, in the past apparently he was in “total control” and could “allow” good mutations (though elsewhere you have him directly designing every one that led to new life forms etc.), but couldn’t stop the bad ones! Do please stop pretending that the simple biological concept – which of course I accept – is the subject of our disagreement. The problem is the total confusion caused by your interpretation of your God’s intentions and powers.

Anyone reading this discussion will realize you are confused and not understanding what I present. Again, God in total control during evolution, correcting all errors and allowing ones that created beneficial changes. Now appears not active, although I concede He may be in ways we do not recognize. Key point: under His watch in evolution, the molecule, DNA, made mistakes. Horror of all horrors, He couldn't control the mistakes, but could allows the good ones and correct the others. Now, for His own reasons, which I do not know or want to guess at, we are in charge. I am consistent in my theorizing. Your comments and criticisms are all over the place, and I think generally confused.

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