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by dhw, Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 11:06 (345 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Your belief in God does not provide any explanation for your illogical belief in a theory that has him all-knowing and all-powerful, directly designing every life form and food supply in the history of life although his only goal was to provide one life form plus its food supply. ...

DAVID: The bold is your fixated version of my God who can only see His goal and nothing else. My God knows He wants to evolve humans from the bacteria with which He stated life and fully understands what is involved in creating the huge bush of life. Don't beg me. You are confused about my God.

dhw: I have no doubt that if God exists, he fully understands what is involved in creating the huge bush of life. I doubt very much that he would understand why you think he has to create the huge bush of life (past and present) if his one and only goal is to create a single life form with its own big bush of food supply. Why do you keep complaining about my bold? Please tell me in what way it misrepresents your own fixation.

DAVID: You have always said God in control could choose to evolve humans. your problem, not mine.

Your problem is that while choosing to evolve (= directly design) humans - who were his one and only goal - he also apparently chose to evolve (directly design) millions of other life forms etc. which had nothing to do with humans. You have no idea why he would choose such a method to achieve such a purpose. My problem is to understand why you remain fixated on such an illogical theory when there are several other theories that logically explain his choice to evolve every organism that ever evolved, including humans.

dhw: I did not compare your theory with Genesis. I was trying to point out that Genesis had a more cohesive version of your theory: your God fulfilled his one and only goal by directly designing H. sapiens and his food supply. But because you believe in evolution, you have him directly designing anything but H. sapiens and his food supply until he has designed millions of other life forms and food supplies. And you don’t know why he would have chosen such a roundabout method.

DAVID: Evolution is historical fact. I fully believe God is in charge of creating reality. Therefore He evolved humans. Nothing illogical except your interpretations of my thinking.

Again you have forgotten that therefore (assuming he exists) he also evolved millions of other life forms etc. that had nothing to do with humans. I have not “interpreted” your thinking, but have reproduced it over and over again in your own words. Or do you now reject your opinion of a few days ago that the millions of preceding and extinct life forms and their food supplies which had nothing to do with humans were “part of the goal of evolving humans” – your reasoning being that all of those past econiches “are the necessary food supply for an enormous number of species and humans” – as if the food supply for species that died out millions of years ago was necessary for a species that did not yet exist!

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