David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, November 03, 2020, 14:56 (354 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: It is simple. I believe God ran/designed all of evolution after He invented life. You don't.

dhw: That is only one part of your belief, which is that he designed EVERY life form as “part of the goal of evolving [= directly designing] humans”, and he designed “the ENTIRE bush of life for our food supply.” Omitting the illogical premises is your way of dodging the issue. Please stop it.

DAVID: Your illogical is not my illogical. I see God as the designer of everything. You don't. I can turn around and call your lack of beliefs illogical. Makes sense to me.

dhw: The same dodge. Of course it’s not illogical. It only becomes illogical when you try to join it to your other premises, i.e. he has one goal (humans) but designs millions of non-humans that have no connection with humans, and designs food supplies for humans who are not even there.

It is simply answered by my usual reply: "God chose to evolve us over time". You agree with it, when you posit God in charge, and then question it. You have never made any sense to me in this regard.

DAVID: How do you know how confined God's desires were???

dhw:. It’s YOU who confine God’s desires!!! [See above and below]

DAVID: We both know there is no proof, but based on the evidence I believe beyond a reasonable doubt God designed our reality, which includes evolution of humans.

dhw: Perfectly logical. But you confine your God’s desires to the single goal of designing humans, every extinct life form was “part of the goal of evolving [= directly designing] humans”, and every econiche was designed to feed humans who weren’t even there.

Humans are His desired endpoint is my belief. You don't accept it. Fine.

DAVID: The giant bush had to be created concurrently with creating humans in charge of the Earth. Humans were the final planned goal.

dhw: I keep asking what other goal your God may have had, and you keep coming come back to humans being his goal. You said that the ENTIRE bush was designed for our food supply. If you are now saying that only the current bush was designed for our food supply, then you agree that your God did NOT design the ENTIRE bush of life for our food supply.

DAVID: Currently we and the necessary bush exist. Again you are splitting off the present from past evolution. Bushes for food supply existed in the past. Remember continuum.

dhw: Nobody will deny that we and our food supplies exist and there were food supplies in the past! And you have informed us that “extinct life has no role in current time”. The ENTIRE bush could therefore not have been built for our food supply, and there is no such continuum. All life forms go back to bacteria, but that does not mean that all life forms led to humans!

We are the final pinnacle of evolution. Our only difference is I see the path and you worry about all the side twigs!!!

dhw: You agreed it is logical that changing conditions require changing behaviours and these may require changing structures, and you asked how it could happen “naturally”, by which you mean without God. I have told you: by autonomous cellular intelligence, but this may have been originally designed by your God.

DAVID: We are left with the appearance of cells acting intelligently. I have God supplying the intelligent instructions and you agree possibly and then trail off into suppositions.

dhw: There is no “trailing off”. You believe your God either dabbled or preprogrammed every evolutionary change in the history of life and these changes took place before required. I propose that evolutionary changes took place in response to new requirements, and your God may have invented the mechanism that enabled organisms to make these changes. The fact that cells “appear” to act intelligently makes it feasible that they DO act intelligently.

Same old, same old. Looking intelligent doesn't mean they are intrinsically intelligent.

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