David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

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dhw: He doesn’t “lose” control – that was YOUR theory at the beginning of this discussion. My theory is that he didn’t WANT control in the first place (though he can dabble if he wishes to). Your theory that he maintains control creates problems: if he wishes us no harm, why did he design all the harmful bacteria and viruses that cause us so much harm? If he didn’t design them, then he lost control or he never wanted control. As regards evolution, I don’t see how you can believe he gave molecules freedom to cause disease (negative) but not to fight disease, or to adapt to or exploit changing conditions (positive), which I propose are crucial factors in triggering speciation.

David: Once again I'll answer your confusion: we need viruses to advance evolution, proven in many entries; we need bacteria in helpful in microbiomes in our bodies, proven by many entries. My God works with direct purpose and provided us the best living system He could provide. God speciates, and species modify to changing environments.

Note this study about mice and Mother's microbiome affecting brain development in pups:


The microbes residing in a female mouse’s gut help shape the wiring of her offspring’s brain, researchers report September 23 in Nature. While mouse and human development are worlds apart, the study hints at how a mother’s microbiome may have long-term consequences for her offspring.


The new results point to the influence of specific microbes and the small molecules they produce, called metabolites. “Metabolites from the microbiome of the mother can influence the developing brain of the fetus,” says Cathryn Nagler, an immunologist at the University of Chicago who was not involved with the study. The metabolites do this by reaching a developing pup’s brain where they affect the growth of axons, she says. Axons are the threadlike signal-transmitters of nerve cells.


Small molecules made by the gut bugs may account for this effect. The researchers found that levels of several metabolites in mom’s blood were linked to levels in the fetal blood and brain. “It’s kind of cool that it’s crossing different sites from the mom all the way to the fetus,” Vuong says. That suggests mom shares her gut metabolites with her young.

Comment: My point is we do not understand God's methods until enough research is done, and you keep guessing in negative ways about God.

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