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DAVID: Yes, His powers cannot stop molecular errors. I know He can't stop them. The evidence being the backup systems in place.

dhw: If his powers cannot stop something, his powers are limited. Once more: what is your objection to the proposal that he wanted the errors?

Because of the corrective measures that are designed to undo them:

The human developmental disorder called Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is caused by mutations that impair the function of cohesin, a protein complex that is important for genome organization and DNA repair. Singh et al. examined placentation in mouse models of CdLS and found evidence of persistent DNA damage, exit from the cell cycle (senescence), and inflammatory cytokine production. This identifies DNA damage responses as an important facet of placenta homeostasis that can affect embryo health. Further studies are needed to determine whether DNA damage responses in the placenta affect embryo development more broadly.

Comment: just a reminder, corrective mechanisms are everywhere for a reason. God anticipated the errors.

DAVID: How does evolution occur from bacteria to us without evolution? Nutty objection.

dhw: Stop dodging! You believe your all-powerful God directly created every life form. If he only wanted to directly create one life form with food supply, why did he spend 3.X billion years directly creating millions and millions of extinct non-human life forms and food supplies?

The bold tells us of your blind thoughts about God. Humans were a goal, not the method to reach their creation. Confused mixed up thinking.

DAVID: You've just written we cannot know His reasons for his purposes. Still inconsistent thinking.

dhw: What are “reasons for purposes”? The purpose is the reason for the action. The action was the creation of life and its development by evolution. According to you the sole reason or purpose for God’s action was to create H. sapiens, and the reason or purpose for his creation of all the life forms etc. that preceded H. sapiens was to provide sapiens with food even though he wasn’t there. How logical is that?

More confused thought. The huge bush of econiches feeds everyone. when humans arrive and their population grows larger enough food is present. Precise designer planning for the future. Purpose is not reason. There Are always reasons behind purpose!!! We cannot know those. I agree purpose drives action, but doesn't tell us the reasons for choice of action.

DAVID: You constantly use human logic when describing His thoughts and motives.

dhw: What other logic can you or I use? You are happy to use human logic when arguing the case for design, but when it comes to your personal theory about God’s nature, purpose and method, all of a sudden God’s logic has to be different from ours although you’re sure it is similar to ours, just as you agree that he probably has thought patterns similar to ours but you reject any theory that entails him having thought patterns similar to ours.

DAVID: The bold clearly states, finally, yes, He uses the same logic we do. I reject your humanizing thoughts about God's purposes: spectacle, experimenting, and others. Of course his thought patterns and ours may be similar patterns, but it doesn't make us privy to His thoughts (reasoning) that led to his decisions for his purposes.

dhw: We can’t know anything for certain, but if he uses the same logic as we do, and his thought patterns may be similar to ours, then you have no reason for rejecting “humanizing” theories other than the fact that we can’t know whether they are true or not. In that case, please reject your own theory, since you can’t know whether it is true or not.

Of course both you and are are theorizing. You like your thoughts, I like mine as this long train of discussion shows.

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