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by David Turell @, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 18:02 (356 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Please tell us how God “allowing” beneficial mutations, which arise from mistakes he is not responsible for, can mean he designed all the mutations that led to speciation – especially in view of your statement that “a mutational error favoured by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution”.

My theory about errors is totally based on our knowledge of living biochemistry to then judge what God did. We know molecular errors can occur. We know there are backup processes. This tells us God recognized the problem in the form of life He created. It means He could not stop each molecular error in an active biological system. And I don't think natural selection had any role to play.

DAVID: God was always under full control as I've described. You want a weak humanized God who allows mistakes to make advances. Not my view of a highly purposeful God in any way.

dhw: The bolded quote above does not describe a God who is in full control, and it is you who have explicitly stated that your God allows (beneficial) mistakes to make advances! My theistic version of the “mistakes” proposes a God who does exactly what he wants to do, and the history of life reflects the fulfilment of his purpose.

Yes, God lacks control of those molecules when they can not respond properly to directions


Under “Nature’s Wonders”:

DAVID: Thank you for finally recognizing the interconnection of econiches and then presenting your usual confused and limited understanding of their importance.

dhw: I have always recognized the interconnectedness of econiches, have never underestimated their importance for ALL organisms extant and extinct (i.e. the ones you prefer to forget about), but have always challenged your repeated assumption that every econiche in the history of life was directly designed by your God “as part of the goal of creating humans”. Please stop erecting silly straw men.

DAVID: Always a logical rejoinder analyzing how God handled His process of evolving us from bacteria.

dhw: I cannot see the logic behind your insistence that every single organism in every single econiche in life’s history was “part of the goal of creating humans”.

DAVID: Same silly distortion. I don 't try to explain His choice of method.

dhw: There is no distortion in my repetition of your own words or in the fact that I can’t see the logic behind your theory. You tried earlier to explain the choice of method you impose on your God by telling us that He had to design all the organisms in all the econiches to feed humans who weren’t there yet. I don’t blame you for not trying again.

The simple result is we are here and I use history to tell us how God did it. You can't deny that.


DAVID:An insect cannot develop a toxin by trial and error and survive. Designed by God.

dhw: Maybe its ancestors survived by other means.

DAVID: Tell me the other means, can you?

dhw: How about a sticky, non-toxic web that simply traps the spider’s prey until he/she eats it? :-)

You are forgetting the spider species who invented their toxins. Sam e problem I raise.;-)

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