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by dhw, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 10:18 (360 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Of course it’s preposterous to argue that God's one and only purpose was to specially design H. sapiens and so he specially designed anything but H. sapiens before eventually specially designing H. sapiens.

DAVID: What is preposterous is that you keep forgetting we were evolved from bacteria, which history tells us was God's choice of creation, as the argument is from the position God is in charge of creating reality.

I do not forget that we evolved from bacteria. You keep forgetting that your concept of evolution entails DIRECT DESIGN of all life forms, econiches, lifestyles, natural wonders etc., and you keep trying to gloss over the fact that you have no idea why your purposeful, all-powerful God would have directly designed all the life forms that had nothing to do with humans, although the only life forms he wanted to design were humans and their food supply.

DAVID: All of the past organisms are linked to the eventual humans though the process of evolution. Bacteria are our ancestors, or have you forgotten?

dhw: Please explain why humans could not have evolved from bacteria without your God directly designing all the thousands of extinct life forms, econiches, natural wonders etc. which preceded his direct design of hominins and homos. And please don’t forget that for you evolution does mean direct design and not random proliferation.

DAVID: My point is that they couldn't have in the time we know evolution took place, based on chance mutations. Proven mathematically by ID material you do not know about, but I carefully follow. God is the active agent, which is mathematically required. ID shows the math but then doesn't mention God as part of their approach.

You have yet again avoided the question. We are not talking about the time or about ID! We are talking about all the extinct non-human life forms your God directly designed – the great bush of life, 99% of which has disappeared – although the only life forms he wanted to design were H. sapiens and his food supply. Please stop dodging.

dhw: So if his one and only purpose was to directly design each stage from bacteria to H. sapiens, why would he preprogramme or dabble all the life forms etc. that did NOT constitute “stages of development” towards humans?

DAVID: You are so confused about evolution. All stages gradually became more complex until we arrived. The massive bush not directed at human development supplied the food for all including now the huge human population, which god obviously expected to appear. Why do you constantly force me to repeat obvious points of theory?

Because you continually gloss over the illogicality of your theory. If his only purpose was H. sapiens plus food supply, why did he directly design all the non-human stages of complexity and their food supplies? Why not a direct line from bacteria through to humans instead of the vast bush?

DAVID: God has the right to choose His preferred method. I don't try to guess His reasonings.

But this is all YOUR reasoning: you say he had only one purpose, and in order to achieve that one purpose, he deliberately devoted his attention to designing life forms that had nothing to do with his purpose. This is not logical. I offer you alternative, theistic explanations of life’s history which you agree are logical but which you dismiss as “humanizing” while agreeing that your God probably has human attributes. Again illogical.

DAVID: I drive most of this discussion by presenting new studies, and all you do is complain about my theories based on those studies, while presenting your humanized God.

And it is your presentation of these studies that keeps the website going, for which I am profoundly grateful. But you cannot expect me to swallow illogical arguments out of gratitude to you!:-(

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