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by David Turell @, Thursday, September 10, 2020, 20:55 (406 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Right, God created the best system He could. Free to react molecules can work faster than molecules encumbered by precise hands on molecules. The freedom is required. Again you ignore the evidence God knew of the problems related, by the magnificent editing systems in place.

dhw: The magnificent editing systems are not the problem! The problem arises when those magnificent editing systems fail to edit out the “errors” that cause untold suffering and death (disregarding the apparently specially designed mechanism for ageing and death from old age - see below).

Mountain out of mole hill, ignoring the point that most lives are long and errorless.

dhw: If your God gave molecules the freedom to disobey, others are free to obey, so why should he not also have given them the freedom to come up with counter measures to thwart those nasty molecules that cause diseases?

Have you forgotten The marvelous editing systems God provided? You like to denigrate them to make God look like He doesn't know what he is doing or is out of control.

dhw: Maybe this freedom was not accidental, unavoidable and [not] in need of correction at all. Maybe it was what God wanted.

Those 'free' molecules were exactly what God required to have a high-speed living system. I've explained. You've ignored or forgotten the point.

DAVID: The bold is a direct distortion of my presentation. Errors are rare. Why are you in good health at 83 and me at 91, if errors are common due to poor editing? The tangled mess is due to your bias. Short and simple review: During life most molecular errors are competently edited out which is why we have long lives, but we do have to try to correct what rare mistakes get through the editing process. If errors were common, life would be a mess. It isn't. Very simple explanations of how and why God produced what He did. You should be able to understand this summary paragraph.

dhw: Narrowing the field to humans, you seem to have forgotten that vast numbers of people do not die of old age but die prematurely from diseases. As a doctor, you did your very best to correct the errors which your God’s “magnificent editing systems” had failed to correct. THESE are the errors that need to be satisfactorily explained. They are not explained by you and me celebrating our antiquity.

Of course you have done what I expected, overemphasized the quantity of errors to emphasize how bad the errors are, and it makes God look bad. I brought the errors into this discussion to point out how carefully God studied the living system He created for us, which I believe is the only system He could create. He put in the editing systems to counteract the problem and I think He has done a magnificent job. I practiced for many years and I know the genome errors I ran into were few. I brought up the error problem because it had to be dealt with rationally, and I feel I've done that.

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