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by David Turell @, Thursday, August 20, 2020, 14:20 (340 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I am not illogical. I have to explain how humans arrived though the process of evolution in a reality run by God. You have to provide a reasonable explanation other than mine. And all you provide are theories that use humanized versions of God.

dhw: You have to explain the logic behind the theory bolded above. You can’t, and that is why your interpretation of your God’s purpose does not fit in with your interpretation of the history of evolution. You have always agreed that my theistic alternatives provide a logical link between divine purpose and evolutionary history, and your silly “humanizing” argument directly contradicts your agreement that your God probably has thought patterns and other attributes similar to ours. And so each of these logical theories has a basis which could be true.

You've repeated that you find my logic illogical, but your complaints are illogical to me.

DAVID: Total usual mishmash of distorted reasoning. The bolds are totally logical for me. The red sentence describes how evolution from bacteria works!!! It is an exact description. You keep muddling along, while never accepting my very purposeful God who knows exactly what He is doing.

dhw: Of course the red describes how evolution works. And that is why it makes nonsense of the claim that an all-powerful God only wanted to create ONE life form plus its food supply! In all my theories, a very purposeful God knows exactly what he is doing. But his purpose and method are not necessarily the purpose and method you impose on him.

We were His goal and all of evolution creating the bush is required. You don't accept we were the goal.

Under Evolution: genomic evidence of preplanning:
Fins to hands:

QUOTE: "An international team of biologists based at the University of Konstanz (Germany)... has determined how limbs have evolved from fins using embryos of the Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri) for their study."

DAVID: All courses in comparative anatomy show that from fish onward, we all have the same design pattern in the skeleton. As might be supposed muscle patterns are similar as are digestive organs. […] This study clearly shows earlier organisms are the templates for future more advanced organisms. This fits with my theory God created evolution by preplanning in the genome. Also reinforced by Behe's finding advances are created by deletion of earlier DNA.

dhw: These patterns are a clear confirmation of common descent. I agree that they fit in with your theory of preplanning. They also fit in with the theory that throughout evolution, intelligent cells have created or reorganized their own structures in response to changing environmental conditions. Just as fins were turned into legs (and eventually arms and hands) when aquatic organisms came onto dry land, legs turned into fins when land organisms (e.g. whales) went to live in the sea. This means that not only do the basic patterns stem from what was needed to cope with environmental conditions, but so too do all the subsequent variations. No pre-planning required – just the mechanism for adaptation to and exploitation of changing conditions.

Yes, common descent, but Godless in your description.

On an autobiographical note, it is exciting for me to see Konstanz University mentioned here! I was one of the very first generation of lecturers there, when it was a tiny institution which began life (temporarily, of course) in a large hotel! It is now regarded as one of the "elite" universities in Germany. (No, I am not claiming credit for that!)

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