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by David Turell @, Thursday, September 03, 2020, 19:34 (409 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: There is no conflation! My paragraph started by pointing out the anomaly of your God not trusting his own evolutionary system and having to perform a brain operation because of possible “slight variations” that would have no influence on the course of evolution! I then asked you a question, which you have not answered. I went on to deal with your statement that “to keep on living each organism needs precise editing”, and assumed you would realize we were now talking about disease-causing errors. You had earlier denied that your solution to this problem was to tell me to forget about them and only think about the successes, and so I provided the relevant quotes. You do not help your case by constantly manufacturing and demolishing your own straw men and by changing the subject instead of directly responding to the arguments! :-(

DAVID: I think the paragraph from me above your reply is quite clear as to how I view God handling errors that cannot be controlled. Separating considerations of errors while living from errors in evolution has been a problem. I think that separation is clear now. I'm not demolished if you are not, and thanks to you I have a clear theory about it all.

dhw: I appreciate the acknowledgement, but the separation has always been clear and has never been a problem. The problems have been twofold: 1) You began by arguing that evolutionary errors could change the course of evolution and God could do nothing but allow or destroy them, and you have finished by arguing that evolutionary errors can’t change the course of evolution and God can edit them. That is now clear. 2) You began by telling us that disease-causing errors were not God’s fault, he did his best to correct them, and has left it to us to go on trying to correct them (though at the same time you said he didn’t bother about them). Now you are telling us that they only amount to 0.000001% of the total system, and we should concentrate on all the success stories instead. I find both proposals extremely dissatisfying and surprisingly disrespectful towards your God, who emerges as incompetent. I have proposed that the system he designed, complete with so-called “errors”, is precisely the system he wanted to design, giving molecules the freedom to do their own designing, attacking and defending. It's still not clear to me why this proposal is unacceptable to you.

God's incompetence is your interpretation in bold, certainly not mine. The red colored sentence is not what molecules do. They are under God's instructions for their actions. All I have said is they can make a mistake in proper folding and God put in editing mechanisms to limit those mistakes, because He recognized the problem in advance. What you do not understand is that the system is miraculously accurate and you seem surprised when I point it out. Think about it. It is the only living system we know. I view it as probably the only system God could develop. There are physico-chemical limits to what can work. I'm not feeling disrespectful at all, and am surprised at your total misinterpretation of how I feel about God's work.

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