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by dhw, Friday, August 07, 2020, 10:19 (445 days ago) @ David Turell

Two of our threads keep overlapping, which has resulted in a great deal of repetition. I tried to condense the arguments yesterday, and it may help us to avoid the repetitions if we use that summary as a starting-point here, but I will edit it and add to it. I will then repeat one of your answers, and I hope this will enable us to proceed more systematically.

dhw: Living biochemistry tells us that the current biological system is riddled with “errors”, because so many things can go wrong. We know that SOME of these errors can sometimes be corrected by the cells themselves, and sometimes by human intervention. You have told us that God has played no part in the process since sapiens became established. In the course of evolution, you tell us that your God had no control over the mistakes, but let some through and destroyed the others.

1) So how do you know about the ones he destroyed? You claim that God designed the errors leading to old age and death by old age, but those that afflicted the young were random and out of his control. Such errors still exist, so what sort of errors do you think he removed?
2) How could he have destroyed/corrected/removed them if he could not stop or control them?
3) I don’t really know how you can tell the difference between God allowing a mutational error to arrange for our human evolution and natural selection doing the same. Nor could you when you wrote that “a mutational error favoured by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution”.
4) And finally, if God “allowed” beneficial mutations, he did not design them. Therefore evolution has proceeded through the survival of random but beneficial mutations and not through direct design. That makes you a Darwinist.

Here is one of your answers:
DAVID: Note the bold. I've specifically said God had total control over changing errors in DNA during evolution. I am no Darwinist, as you are still very confused.

You’ve specifically said that God had no control over mutational errors (I've quoted you several times in previous posts), and you’ve specifically said that God had total control over changing errors, and you see no contradiction in your argument. You have specifically said that your God “allowed” beneficial errors to survive, and these were random, which means he did not design them. One of these may even have arranged for our human evolution. In case you’ve forgotten, Darwin’s theory was also that random mutations caused evolutionary change. You are still very confused. Either your God designed the mutations that led to speciation or he allowed them. Which is it?

The contradictions here and on the other thread are so blatant that I really do wish you would reconsider this "errors" theory of yours. :-|

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