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by David Turell @, Sunday, August 16, 2020, 19:53 (431 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I expect you to agree with my presentation, now more clearly thought through with your helpful critique. I find no contradictions. Will you?

dhw: I am not at all comfortable with your presentation, and I don’t see it as being relevant to the major problem your error theory creates. I see the whale series as a natural progression of changes to improve the organism’s chances of survival in its maritime environment. No random mutations but, as you indicate yourself, an ongoing series of adaptations. This has nothing to do with “errors” that change the direction of evolution and which God “allows” to survive....
The two genome “errors” that we are concerned with are those harmful ones that cause disease and death, and those beneficial ones that cause changes to the course of evolution (i.e. innovations).

I need to try again. My basic premise is God is in charge of all creation including evolution. His goal is humans appearing. He codes the genome from the beginning of life and dabbles when He has to. He knows that protein living molecules make mistakes. So the genome mechanism has backup copy error editing to stop what it can. During evolution most DNA mistakes are errors and are removed by dabbling. The few good mutations are obviously allowed and must be viewed as omissions in God's pre-planning, and fits my thought that the God of the Bible does not foresee everything perfectly as organisms adapt and climate evolves. Adler's finding that most evolution is an automatic removal of DNA code must also be noted and supports my idea of pre-planning. The loss of code could be automatic or dabbles. Since all living organisms have an adaptive ability God must keep watch during evolution that everything is on course.

That discussion does not cover errors while living, speciation not involved. That is what we observe now as I consider evolution over. All living organisms are DNA protected by copy error systems. These are very important because our cells are constantly dividing and reinventing us. The copy systems are the same systems present in evolution. During evolution they served duplicate roles, advancing evolution and protecting proper copying. Now the copy systems are still present to protect us from DNA copy diseases. God does not act now. We do the job, as well as we can. During evolution God worried about the course of evolution, not individual DNA diseases (dino cancer). This exposition fits errors into my theory system.

I don't accept your natural system of evolution. God speciates and the whale series demands design. The massive phenotypical and physiological species changes require design.

In thinking about what I present strictly follow your statement I have bolded.

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