David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, October 24, 2020, 08:52 (364 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: How could he have directly designed the brontosaurus as part of the goal to evolve [=- directly design] H. sapiens if it had no direct connection with humans and its life played no role in current time?

DAVID: You have agreed, if God exists, He ran evolution.

It depends what you mean by “ran”. I do not agree that he designed every life form etc. My (theistic) proposal is that he set the process in motion by endowing cells with autonomous intelligence, which enabled them to produce all the adaptations and innovations that have led to all the different branches of life’s bush.

DAVID: My conclusions include what you ignore. Evolution is a continuous process from simple to complex.

Evolution encompasses a vast range of organisms, some of which are more complex than others, and although the human brain is no doubt the most complex mechanism of all, I’m not convinced that dinosaurs were less complex than all the life forms that followed. But I agree that there is a general progression from simple to complex, since it all began with single cells. That does not mean every life form in the history of life was “part of the goal of evolving [= directly designing] humans”, and that is the point at issue.

DAVID: The various branches all build up a very necessary food supply, very necessary for the huge fully anticipated human population. You want to relate the past dinos to present humans. Just look at evolution.

What sort of logic is this? A food supply is and was necessary for EVERY organism in EVERY branch, but the food supply for the brontosaurus was not necessary for humans! There is no connection! It is you who want to relate dinos to humans with your persistent claim that every single life form was “part of the goal of evolving humans” and now you claim that every single food supply for every extinct creature that ever lived was necessary for the food supply of humans! It is you who have said explicitly that there is no connection, and that "extinct life plays no role in current time"! Why don’t you agree with yourself?

DAVID: I cannot answer you obvious disconnect about the necessary continuum of evolutionary development. The past brings the future. That is connection.

Necessary for what? You are now avoiding the question posed at the beginning of this post by coming out with vague generalisations. How did the brontosaurus and its food supply (past) “bring” H. sapiens and his food supply (future) if there was "no direct connection" and "extinct life plays no role in current time"?

Under "Ironclad Beetle":

DAVID:[...] The question for me is what need caused this design. Darwin theory would want to know what caused this adaptation? My answer is the designer designs what He wants, as many designs in evolution show, appearing without need, as in the unwarranted/unreasonable appearance of humans.

dhw: I would have thought it was obvious that what caused the adaptation was the need for the beetle to protect itself against predators! The need to survive is the obvious cause for all adaptations! […] please tell us in what way they [the 379,999 other species of beetle] and the ironclad beetle were/are “part of the goal of evolving humans”. […]

DAVID: If God runs evolution, he is the designer of forms.

Maybe he doesn’t “run” it, but simply allows it to happen freely (hence the coming and going of 99% of the species that ever lived).

DAVID: The makeup of the beetle is a very strange finding. It implies its stimulus for its appearance was survival from an existing crushing force. We don't know of such a force to affect every beetle. So I view it as part of an ecosystem where it needed predator protection. It is a simple explanation for me believing in cause and effect.

How very strange. You have come to the same conclusion as I came to – bolded above. Absolutely nothing to do with your God’s goal of evolving humans, which leads to the unanswered question I asked you (also bolded above).

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