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by David Turell @, Sunday, August 09, 2020, 18:48 (434 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You have told us that during life at the present time, he does nothing at all. All your previous, bolded remarks above therefore apply to what he could and could not do during evolution. Once again: How can a God who could not control or stop the errors have been in total control?

Use your imagination. I have God is charge of coding the advances in evolution. He creates the DNA code. We know that DNA can make replication copy errors. Therefore God is watching for those errors. If it is a bad mutation, as most are , He deletes it. If it happens to be beneficial for the advancing evolutionary code He wants, He keeps it. How is that not total control of the final DNA output? As you type a story you may make mistakes and correct them. The final output is obviously fully your work under your total control..

DAVID: The dinosaur cancer was due to cellular molecular error, just as errors occur now. It had nothing to do with the course of evolution. God would not have paid attention to it as it didn't change the course of evolution. You are still confused about how I see God's actions.

dhw: You said it was an error he could not stop. Of course the cellular errors that cause cancer did not change the course of evolution, but cellular errors INCLUDE the problems you say we try to solve now, such as cancer, which also afflicted organisms during evolution. You even claim that he left us backups to help us control the errors he could not stop or control. This part of our disagreement concerns your insistence that a God who could not control the errors in the system he created was in total control of the errors in the system he created.

Explained above. I have explained my view of God's role during evolution, correcting DNA errors. The time today is a different situation totally. That is my point, and you continuously try to conflate the two different time periods and confuse your thinking.

dhw: I know that protein molecules and the rest of the life-giving system make what you call mistakes. And I have proposed that your God created precisely the system that he wanted to create, including the “mistakes”: namely a system in which cells (I prefer to broaden the focus) are free to do what they want to do. Hence the vast and ever changing bush of life. At the very least, this theory restores God’s almighty powers which in one of the above quotes you so proudly stripped him of!

Once more: please reconsider this theory which makes your God all-powerful but not all-powerful, in total control but not in total control, and directly designing all species but actually only "allowing" random beneficial mutations to survive.

DAVID: Totally wrong as explained. DNA working on its own, after it is coded, is simply a molecule that can make mistakes. Cell splitting goes on constantly, and we see very careful back up system created by God since it is obvious He recognized the error potential. Error at the cellular level cause mutations and cancers. As in the dinosaur.

dhw: The mutations include those that lead to speciation, and indeed according to you: “a mutational error favoured by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution.” And why do you continually try to gloss over the blatant contradictions I have just pointed out? Please reconsider this theory.

If you will carefully read my theory about God's control over evolutionary DNA coding, you will see He is in full control over the final output. And remember God knows molecules will make mistakes, the reason for the careful backup editing systems in place. I have used the facts we know. I thank you for trying to find errors in my logic. There is none and no reason to reconsider

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