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by David Turell @, Monday, September 07, 2020, 15:39 (405 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: What you do not understand about biochemistry is the molecules are free to make mistakes, and there is no way to completely control them. God did not choose to give them freedom in our living system.

dhw: I have understood perfectly that molecules are free to make mistakes. What you do not understand is that your God’s intentions have nothing to do with biochemistry. It is not a biochemical fact that your God did not CHOOSE to give them their freedom! And you have not given me a single reason why it is not possible for your God to have deliberately CHOSEN to design this system with all its “errors” (as opposed to designing a system with errors he did not want to design).

You have ignored the point that we do not know if another alternate biochemical living system constantly at work in production of product and reproduction is possible. We can only discuss the system we study. Assuming this is the only possible system, and using your point that God deliberately chose it as the best available system, He fully foresaw its problems and introduced magnificent editing systems. Perfectly logical and based on fact.

dhw: … your theory of evolutionary and disease-causing “errors” has already resulted in confusion, as described above, and now we have unnecessary material (including improperly formed molecules) as another category of "error", which raises the questions I’ve asked above. I think the term “errors” is causing us nothing but trouble.

DAVID: It is your trouble in understanding what I am trying to present. Errors exist, cannot be ignored.

dhw: It is you who keep trying to ignore the errors! In your confusion, you have now told us that evolutionary errors changed the course of evolution but oops, actually, no, they were insignificant “slight variations”. And errors causing disease only amount to 0.000001% of the system so we should ignore them and focus on the successes. Now we have garbage errors, which means that God has organized a means of getting rid of whatever unnecessary bits and pieces resulted from the system as he designed it. What other mess-ups will you find in his design, I wonder. I did actually suggest that excess brain cells may have been an “error” on his part, since you thought he created them, but if I remember rightly you pooh-poohed that idea because God is always in total control (except, of course, when he’s not). Yes, I do have trouble understanding what you are trying to present, and so do you, which is why I have proposed that you drop the subject.

I have no problem in the presentation of the error problem. You now know about the problems errors in our living system create to raise the issue of how has the problem been solved. I'll repeat. I fully believe since most of us live long successful lives while most of our body parts are reproduced, it is obviously a very successful system God gave us, warts and all. As for your wonder about other mess-ups, I don't know of any others I ignored approaching over many years here. My God knew exactly what He was creating. Cellular garbage is handled beautifully by God's systems. Cells are factories in constant production and they have been given ways to get rid of unnecessary byproducts and broken machinery. All logical.

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