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by David Turell @, Wednesday, September 02, 2020, 20:09 (327 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Adler is my main argument for God's choice of goal,

dhw: But provides no support for your subsequent disconnected premises.

Please notice I use Him to strongly but suggestively prove God's purpose

DAVID: Silly. The past evolution leads to the present in usual thought.

dhw: I wonder how many people’s “usual thought” defines evolution as the direct design of all species, econiches, natural wonders etc., and insists that every single one was “part of the goal of evolving humans”, and that 3.X billion years’ worth of food supplies were directly designed to feed H. sapiens, although he did not yet exist.

Evolution is a continuity toward purpose as I view God's work.

dhw: Yes, it is a continuous process. The word “evolve” does not mean that your God directly designed every species, and for those of us who believe in common descent, history shows that every single multicellular organism in life’s history evolved from single cells. History does not show that the 99% of extinct multicellular organisms were directly designed as “part of the goal of evolving humans.”

I see God as doing it. Your strange illogical objections will not change my mind. What God designed in steps has the appearance of common descent.

DAVID: All our possible reasons for God producing sapiens are our human guesswork. But they are still guesses, for the sake of guessing. I've given you previous lists of my guesses, and I've read yours. All logical and non-provable. So why bother?

dhw: All our possible reasons for your God producing the universe and life are our human guesswork. Why did you bother to guess that his only purpose was to produce H. sapiens?

You forget that you also think we are unique, but then you carefully take us down a couple pegs to suit your anti-God views.

DAVID: We're here. God obviously wanted us. Why not stop since reasons have been presented?

dhw: All forms of life were/are here, so if he exists, your purposeful God obviously wanted them. If you are not interested in the purpose for which your purposeful God wanted us and them, why did you propose your theory in the first place?

I felt strong enough to write a book about my developed faith and actually convince some folks. You started this website! We are equals.

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