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by David Turell @, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 21:22 (445 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Your analysis of what I presented shows your total lack of understanding. The molecular errors we are discussing are not during evolution, but errors we see in current living organisms. Errors that influenced evolutionary direction of course were allowed if God approved of them. Please concentrate on current errors.

dhw: How can I when you tell us that “prior to our appearance…he allowed beneficial mistakes…which shows that even at a time of total control (i.e. before sapiens) molecular mistakes could happen", and indeed according to you “a mutational error favoured by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution”. The errors have always been present in the system!

Agreed, and I contend during evolution God stepped in and corrected those He wanted dismissed and kept those that were benefical to his plans.

dhw: Various articles examine various current errors, but it is you who have told us that prior to our existence, your God could not control or stop the errors. According to you, he is not doing anything now – not even trying in vain to control the errors with his backups. It’s in our hands. Why must I confine your God’s doings to a time (i.e. the present) when he is not doing anything? Look at your next comments!

See above. That is my continuous position. I don't know why you are so confused about the different times. I'll admit I may not ave made my thoughts clear to you as to how God did things as He ran evolution and the present time.

DAVID: Horror of all horrors, He couldn't control the mistakes, but could allow the good ones and correct the others. Now, for His own reasons, which I do not know or want to guess at, we are in charge.

dhw: It could hardly be clearer that the horrors you are referring to are past errors.

Total misreading: the 'horror' is for you. God knew full well to watch for mistakes by molecules not reacting properly. In evolution when mistakes occurred He corrected them as stated. He knew all along they would occur, as anyone who knows during very high-speed biochemical reactions molecules don't always react properly. It is why those corrective mechanism exist now.

DAVID: Still your total confusion about what I present. The subject is current errors and the fact that God knew molecules might make mistaken responses to directive stimuli and designed backup corrective mechanisms. In evolution obviously God was in total control of DNA code and its mutational changes.

dhw: No, the subject is not current errors, and your last sentence contradicts all the now bolded statements of yours relating to evolution. I’m sorry, but the total confusion is yours.

Still your confusion.

DAVID: There are no God errors, but God's recognition of potential molecular errors. Here is one example of corrective actions:

DAVID: A clear example of molecular error is misfolding (note my bold) and this backup mechanism is present to correct the errors, which leads to my conclusion, God recognized the probability and put corrective mechanisms in place in functioning cells.

dhw: The error was already present in bacteria and viruses, and although he couldn’t stop it or control it, apparently he was able to correct it, although he is unable to correct the errors he is unable to correct, and as far as current errors are concerned, he is no longer involved and leaves it to us to correct the errors he could not stop or control. I can’t help wondering if perhaps he simply gave cells the intelligence to deal with problems as they arose – and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t.

You just can't seem to accept that God fully recognized His inability to control molecules under His instruction when they made a mistakes. It is all quite clear to me, and I will try to make it clear to you. During evolution He corrected everything, now He relies upon us. See today's entry about DNA error controls which I feel were designed by God.

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