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by David Turell @, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 18:12 (454 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You miss the entire point, but state it. Once again: the molecules are programmed to have certain actions, but that programming is not an absolute control, and the molecules make mistakes in trying to follow it. Remember molecules must react with other molecules or properly fold to cause a reaction. they are not puppets!!!

dhw: A remarkable reversal of your usual claim that not only cells but also multicellular organisms ARE puppets. And now I have fight against your belief that he is a puppet master who can’t control his puppets.

His instructions are the only controls control, which molecules may incorrectly follow.

DAVID: “A mutational error favored by natural selection or by God may have arranged for our human evolution.

DAVID: Does'nt sound like me. I need the precise reference point to respond.

dhw: See your comment under “Human evolution: changes in sialic acid changed immunity” Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mutational errors may or may not be God, but it went forward with His permission.

DAVID: “God did not want errors. If the mutation resulted in our evolution God achieved His goal!”

DAVID: Fine. God created the mutation. Again, for clarity, where is the quote.

dhw: Sunday July 26 on this thread. Your first statement suggests that it would have been an error, not a deliberate creation. I’m sorry, but once you start positing contradictory theories, you are bound to get into more and more of a tangle trying to defend them.

Reviewed. You still do not understand molecular errors. God may allow beneficial ones.

DAVID: My idea is God is not at work now pushing further evolution, but he is here. i'm never a deist.

dhw: An integral feature of deism is that God does not intervene, but that is not the point here. You have molecules going their own way, independently of your God’s instructions. So why can’t you allow for the possibility that once he had created them, he deliberately allowed them to go their own way? After all, you have now abandoned the concept of an all-powerful God always in control of everything, so why not at least remove the helpless tag and agree to the possibility that the free-running system he created may after all have been the system he wanted to create?

Still confused. The molecules can make mistakes. God recognized this with backups present.

DAVID: Not silly. I enumerated your human reasons for Him many times.

dhw: I have many times enumerated possible alternatives involving thought patterns, emotions, logic and attributes similar to ours, and you have dismissed them on the grounds that they involve thought patterns, emotions, logic or attributes similar to ours, although you have explicitly stated that he probably has thought patterns, emotions, logic and attributes similar to ours! Please stop contradicting yourself.

No contradiction. How He applies His thoughts to purpose are only His. The similarity does not tell us His reasons for his actions.

dhw: You have no idea how powerful your God can be, and my alternatives have nothing to do with the biblical version. Please quote the biblical references to experimentation, late arrival of humans in his thinking, giving cells the intelligence to do their own designing, creating life as a spectacle for himself, relief from eternal boredom…

Thank you for the description of your humanizing thoughts. Perfect human thoughts ascribed to God, and you can't see it.

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