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by dhw, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 10:13 (431 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: As the final arbiter over the DNA code, He is really in full control of the final result. The key thought, which you keep confusing is DNA as a molecule can always make mistakes and will during evolution and now in a different time period.

dhw: So the “final result” is a system which always has made and always will make mistakes! And according to you, he could not stop or control these mistakes, and yet he is in full control. And although he designed the system, the mistakes were/are not his fault.

DAVID: You are not thinking clearly. You agree molecules can make mistakes when in action. Again there are two time periods. During evolution a DNA mistake can change the course of evolution, and since God is in charge (in my view) of coding all DNA evolutionary advances (speciation), He corrects every error going off course. In our current time period He is not correcting as I view evolution as completed. Now we are responsible for corrections. All of this is logical and fits My theory.

Why are you confining pre-sapiens “errors” to those that influence the course of evolution? Do you think disease only started with sapiens? You yourself gave us the example of dinosaurs dying of cancer. These are the errors we deal with now. It makes no difference to the argument! You have stated over and over again that your God could not stop or control the errors in pre-sapiens time, but corrected “as much as he could”. So much for total control. As for evolution, your new theory is that it was caused by random mutations (“errors”), and the beneficial ones were selected by God (Darwin says they were selected by Nature). This is the opposite of your previous theory that your God directly designed every species.

DAVID:The only contradictions are in your head. Your friend, David, has always known about DNA errors, as well as errors by any and all biochemical molecules. It is a fact of the system God created all those molecules are subject to strict instructions and backup systems. But they still make errors. I knew you would be startled when I introduced this subject, but I knew I had to broaden your knowledge. […]

dhw: I think most people, including even me, are aware that when something goes wrong with their bodies, something has gone wrong with their bodies. I am only startled by such arguments as God – if he exists – has created a system that always makes mistakes which he can’t control, although he is in total control, and he corrected ALL the errors although he only corrected as many as he could, and he left backup systems which sometimes work and sometimes don’t, although he couldn’t correct those mistakes himself, and he’s like an author correcting his mistakes, except that unlike the author it’s not his fault if there are mistakes to correct, and God is all-powerful and all-knowing except when he is not all-powerful and all-knowing.

DAVID: I'll stick by my clear explanation above. You confusion is complete because you constantly conflate God during evolution as He coded DNA to advance the complexity of organisms and the errors in DNA and other molecules today, when evolution is over and we are in charge. God did the best He could in giving us the tight editing controls we see in cellular reproduction.

Again you are confining pre-sapiens errors to those that affected the course of evolution. The same system also led to disease in pre-sapiens times, and those are the kind of errors we are still trying to correct today. Yes, I am confused. I don’t understand how he can be in total control of random errors which he can’t stop or control (your words, not mine). Are you saying he could control errors relating to evolution but not errors relating to disease? Why not? If he could destroy those not beneficial to evolution, why couldn’t he destroy those not beneficial to health? Please clarify which errors he could/could not control.

DAVID: I'm sure you have no idea how the chromosomes rearrange themselves and split apart to make two new cells with twin (hopefully) DNA's. Read up on the process of mitosis, the complexity of the multiple molecular actions that help chromosomes split properly. Your eyes will roll back in your head and you will finally leave the concept of chance evolution completely.

I have rejected chance. My (theistic) theory is that the cells themselves designed the changes using their perhaps God-given intelligence. It’s you who insist that the “errors” which have led to evolutionary change are random, and all your God can do is “allow” them to survive (as opposed to deliberately designing the changes leading to speciation).

DAVID: What I saw in my microscope as a med student looked so simple. With current research the complexity of how it is really accomplished is spectacular. And it is protected by an amazing editing system to throw out junk that might appear. […] The editing is required from the beginning of cellular reproduction at the origin of life. without the editing we would not be here. Only a designer fits. […]

All fine with me, but we are not discussing the case for design! You have totally ignored the whole paragraph in which I have listed the contradictions in your theory. I’ve bolded it for you, as I wouldn't like you to miss it twice!

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