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by David Turell @, Friday, June 05, 2020, 20:03 (499 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Since it is very difficult to imagine a set of circumstances to force or induce cicadas into this pattern of life, God may well have had a role. Just how is only guesswork, which must include my proposals as to how God works His intentions. The insects are just another part of the necessary bush of life created by God's method of evolution.

dhw: You have only ever offered preprogramming or personal dabbling as your God’s “role”, and I eagerly await your explanation for the role of the cicadas in fulfilling your God’s one and only intention of producing H. sapiens. God’s method of evolution provided bushes of life necessary for every life form that ever existed, long, long before H. sapiens arrived.

All I can offer is they play a role in their econiche.

dhw: Why is it not natural for an intelligent organism to observe, learn and communicate?

DAVID: They must have the mental power of an understood correlation of separate events. Why do you know they have that?

dhw: How do you "know" they DON'T? Intelligence is manifested every time they initiate a strategy, lifestyle, response to changing conditions, and their behaviour indicates that they are able to observe, learn and communicate. How do you "know" that your God preprogrammed or dabbled every single strategy, lifestyle, response?

How do you know they weren't taught to do that? What we see mostly is instinctual activity. WSe do not kn ow how it developed.

DAVID: Total non-sequitur. You have granted his right to evolve life and then complain about it!

dhw: Repeat: Of course if he exists he evolved life. My complaint is your insistence that although he had only one purpose, to specially design H. sapiens, and could have done it any way he chose, he specially designed millions of now extinct non-human life forms, econiches, lifestyles and natural wonders before even starting to design the only thing he wanted to design. Please stop dodging.

Same weird response. Evolving humans took the time it took. You grant the validity of the process and then complain about it.

DAVID: Once again what you have done is reproduce humanized reasons.

dhw: You accused me of conjuring up a God without a purpose (bolded). Now you switch to the silly “humanized” argument already obliterated by your own agreement that your God probably has thought patterns similar to ours.

DAVID: You cannot accept the difference argument as it destroys your position about God's purpose.

dhw: I have always accepted the difference argument, and have offered you two theistic explanations of evolution that allow for your theory of God’s purpose. Please stop all this dodging!

DAVID: As for Adler, he specifically thought God did the speciation:[…]

dhw: No problem. Does Adler also explain why God specifically designed all the different extinct species plus all the different extinct econiches, lifestyles, natural wonders etc. even though in his omnipotence his one and only purpose was to specifically design H. sapiens? Even if he does, all this discussion about Adler is irrelevant. My discussion is with you, not with him, and if you can’t find an explanation for this part of your theory, then your faith in Adler is not going to help you.

My explanations are satisfactory for me. Your objections are always complete non-sequiturs: you allow God can choose to evolve humans, but He shouldn't have done it the way history tells us it happened.

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