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by David Turell @, Friday, August 21, 2020, 19:07 (422 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Not nebulous to me. I am working on a very coherent theory to include errors in the genome during evolution. And you are helping. Genome errors during evolution require God editing is a simple response.

dhw: Glad to help. Here comes more help. Your response completely ignores my questions!

I've edited out your reply as totally off base. Good mutations during evolution that fit God's plans may be considered as slightly different but acceptable and be allowed. All bad mutations are removed ( and we know most mutations are bad).

dhw: I pointed out to you that backups could only refer to errors involving disease and death, but you claimed he was not bothered about these. Why would he create backups if he was not bothered?

DAVID: He is trying to protect the living by having backups, but you asked about Him stepping in and correcting, and we know he doesn't.

dhw: You said he wasn’t bothered about the disease-causing errors during pre-sapiens evolution. Once more, please answer the question: why would he have created backups if he was not bothered?

Don't you consider Him a kindly God? Death is programmed in but organisms have to exist to create the giant diverse bush, and the ecosystems, that also have to evolve and create top predators as complete systems. In life the backup systems are 99.9999+% accurate.

dhw: It’s comforting to know that these discussions can result in such a U-turn. Perhaps eventually you will also sort out the muddle of what your God can and can’t control, and what he edits and what he designs. And perhaps you will even consider the possibility that your God deliberately invented a system in which molecules went their own free way, because that was what he wanted. At least this would restore some of the dignity you have tried so hard to take away from him – or have you also withdrawn your claim that you are “the one who is willing to show that God is not all-powerful and all-knowing and he can’t stop molecular errors in a system he created”?

DAVID: I don't know how all-everything God is as the Bible describes. You make Him very human as you describe His thinking. Why blame me? The quote is a concession. Errors exist during living and must have existed during evolution, and so I must account for them with God in charge.

dhw: The quote is a concession to what? You keep telling us he is all-powerful, but then you keep repeating that he can’t control the errors, which means he is not all-powerful.

I've introduced the FACT of molecular error. I've, satisfactorily for me, theorized how He would approach this problem during evolution. Tight editing to make sure evolution follows His plans.

dhw: Furthermore, you keep repeating that he EDITS errors that lead to speciation. And so let me repeat: Firstly, errors involving speciation cannot be “slight variations”. Secondly, you don’t “edit” something that is already beneficial. Thirdly, “editing” means he does not design species but relies on chance to give him something to work on (except that there is no need for him to work on it), whereas elsewhere you keep telling us he directly designed all species. I hope this will help you to a clearer presentation of your so far very incoherent new theory!

Forget the past as I worked it out. All stages are designed completely by Him as shown above. New mutations that fit His plans, but are very slightly different can theoretically be allowed by God as long as the planned overall course of evolution from bacteria to humans is not changed. Your confusion has helped a great deal, showing me where I have not explained errors in evolution with clarity. The errors in current life demand a consideration of errors during evolution. We have done that.

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