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by David Turell @, Tuesday, September 08, 2020, 15:43 (404 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You have ignored the point that we do not know if another alternate biochemical living system constantly at work in production of product and reproduction is possible.

dhw: You told me I didn’t understand the biochemistry, and I pointed out that your God’s intentions have nothing to do with biochemistry. Now you switch to whether another system is possible. We don’t know. So how does that prove your God didn’t deliberately design this system, as opposed to having to look for ways of correcting unavoidable errors?

You refuse to recognize we can only study the system God gave us. As a biochemist I cannot imagine a system in which the molecular changes are totally under control except in a very cumbersome setup that would run sluggishly.

DAVID: We can only discuss the system we study. Assuming this is the only possible system, and using your point that God deliberately chose it as the best available system, He fully foresaw its problems and introduced magnificent editing systems. Perfectly logical and based on fact.

dhw: It is a fact that the system works wonderfully well except when it doesn’t. You started out by trying to explain the errors, and you have finished up by trying to ignore the errors. A particular problem is the “errors” that cause disease, which he tried to correct but in many cases couldn’t, although he actually designed the “errors” that cause ageing and death, because these are “required”. See below.

A full distortion of my presentation. I've pointed out that many editing systems that are marvelously accurate as required. Errors presented, not ever ignored.

DAVID: You now know about the problems errors in our living system create to raise the issue of how has the problem been solved. I'll repeat. I fully believe since most of us live long successful lives while most of our body parts are reproduced, it is obviously a very successful system God gave us, warts and all.

dhw: As above. You started out with problems, switched from Darwinian evolution by chance “errors” to evolution by design because the “errors” became “slight variations”, and after your God had not bothered about disease-causing errors, had nevertheless provided backups to correct them, and then left the uncorrected ones for us to deal with, you finally decided we should ignore them altogether and only focus on your God’s successes.

Not ignored. As above you twist the presentation.

DAVID: As for your wonder about other mess-ups, I don't know of any others I ignored approaching over many years here. My God knew exactly what He was creating. Cellular garbage is handled beautifully by God's systems. Cells are factories in constant production and they have been given ways to get rid of unnecessary byproducts and broken machinery. All logical.

dhw: Of course it’s logical. It’s also logical to propose that as evolution progressed, and the factories produced the rubbish, the intelligent directors of the factory responded by devising means of getting rid of the rubbish, as opposed to their “being given” those means. (Of course your God may have given the owners the intelligence to invent those means.) Why do you have to call the rubbish an “error”? Are you simply trying once more to distract attention from the earlier mess by focusing on your God’s successes?

Some of the garbage is misfolded molecules (errors).

DAVID: How species age. A view of the mechanism:

DAVID: This review shows us how God designed in a large portion of the aging mechanism. The last comment in the article indicates the role of wearing out.

dhw: Yes, one of the great incongruities in your "error" theory: your always-in-control-except-when-he-isn’t-in-control God deliberately designed the mechanisms for ageing and death, so they are not errors, but he could not possibly have designed the mechanisms for disease, which you may know as a retired doctor are errors that can cause death. Apparently these were not his fault, and he tried his best to correct them, but often failed and so left it to good folk like you to correct.

Your usual muddled approach. Because of errors God has editing systems in place

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