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This articled is about the origin and possible corrections for congenital defects in the genitourinary system:

"The most common congenital disorders of all, especially in baby boys, are differences in a newborn's sexual anatomy that is not standard female or male. In boys, they include undescended testicles, misplaced urethras, and improperly developed internal organs.

"Some of these disorders may be treated with surgery and some also with hormonal supplementation.


"...a male fetus must successfully have testes descend toward the scrotum, differentiate external genitals, and develop internal organs such as the prostate. Much of this process is controlled by a genetic pathway whimsically named Hedgehog—after the gene was discovered in flies covered in bristles—and hormones. The two most important hormones are testosterone and another named INSL3.

"The researchers discovered that the Hedgehog pathway, through GLI3, stimulates the formation of Leydig cells, which produce the hormones necessary to develop male sex organs. And those hormones go on to reinforce the Hedgehog pathway, which is vital for developing the prostate and penis. They concluded that most of the defects in the mutant mice could be explained by dysfunctional Leydig cells.

"Treating pregnant mice with extra testosterone wasn't enough to correct all the defects, because the GLI3 gene was itself necessary, especially for producing a normal penis. But when the researchers reintroduced the non-mutant GLI3 gene into the mutant testes in culture, they were able to restore production of genes necessary for the production of testosterone.

"The upshot is that researchers discovered a complex dance between genes and hormones. Any misstep in the waltz can spell disaster."

Comment: these are errors, missteps, God cannot stop, but humans can work around most of the time.

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