David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by dhw, Thursday, November 12, 2020, 11:56 (345 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: There must be a continuous line from bacteria to every single life form that ever lived and died. But according to you, your God directly designed them all. So if his only goal was to design humans, why would he have designed all the other lines that did NOT lead to humans?

DAVID: And I repeat for the umpteenth time: food supply. It is your problem not seeing the complete picture as I do.

Why don’t you listen to yourself? “The current bush of food is NOW for humans NOW. There were smaller bushes in the PAST for PAST forms.” And “extinct life has no role in current time.” If all (or 99% of) the extinct non-human lines and their food supplies had no role in current life, how can you possibly argue that they were all “part of the goal of evolving [= directly designing] humans”?

DAVID: Again chopped up evolution into segments. Each segment had to have its food supply.

Yes, evolution branched out into segments, and each one had to have its food supply, and 99% of them had nothing to do with humans. Hence my question.

DAVID: Same answer. Lots of humans needs lots of food.

But they don’t need the vast quantities of food that came and went during the 3.X billion years before they arrived. Hence my question.

DAVID: Again simple logic: God created reality; what we see is what He did; humans are at the end and are the endpoint purpose. The giant bush provides the needed food.

That is the current bush “for humans NOW”. Past bushes were “for PAST FORMS.” And “extinct life has no role in current time.”
You have presented a cast-iron case against your own theory, and I really think we should leave it at that.

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